Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Leaves rooms and spaces for you to ponder.
Myriad of possibilities to wonder.
For green may be blue and yellow.
Or green may be black as shadow.

Plain describes the colour of my eyes.
If you look deeper they are as cold as ice.
I tried to colour them with the colours of the world.
Disappointment that overwhelms became the hurdle.
But too many chains to me to many pain.

Mirror tells no lies.
You can deceive others by chance.
Or tell the truth by just a glance.
For what's infront of you may be a lie.
And what's behind may be a silent cry.
Come at your ease.
Leave as you please.
The thoughts of you come without cease.
Ouh this prisoner wants to be released!
So do me a favour.
Give me something to savour.
If I'm not your type of flavour.
Don't bother having me as a lover.