Saturday, 16 March 2013

Are You A Psychopath?

This test was given to me by my cousin. He said that this test was made by a Psychologist to determine whether you are a psychopath or not. 
So, if you would like to know something about you that you didn't know, something that is kept hidden within you, try to answer this question to unleash the monster in you. :) 
Ouh yeah, you'd have to answer this question by yourself. No asking, no googling, no nothing. Then only it's genuine. So, here goes the question. 

"At her mother's funeral, Zabedah *bukan nama sebenar* met a charming, young gentleman who caught her attention. She's attracted to him like a magnet. He was so fine and so her type. She could not get her eyes off him.

However, she forgot to ask his contact number. She knew nothing about him. Not even his name, not his phone number, not his email, nothing. She felt sad. Her mother has just passed away, and she did not get his contact number, the person she truly adores.

Things became worse when she got to know something. 

Late that night, she MURDERED her sister. 


Feel free to drop your answer. 

P/s: I am a psychopath. I answered the question correctly. Beware. 

Sunday, 10 March 2013

5 Reasons As To Why The Person We Like Should Not Know That We Like Him.

5 reasons as to why the person we like should not know that we like him.
5 sebab kenapa orang yang kita suka tak perlu tahu kita suka dia.

Because you know, if a person knows that you like him/her, it's either he'll respond kindly to it, ie by showing some interest, and later you guys will hook up and date each other, or he'll run away like a scared little boy (because he doesn't like you) which will make you go all OUUUCCCHHHHHHHHHHH! So yeah. Mana-mana respon pun akan jadi hurtful, not just the pain of being rejected, but also, if he's kinda responding quite okay to you, but it's hanging. You get what I mean? It means that, orang tu macam tahu kau suka dia, dan dia pun macam respon dekat kau, tapi lepas tu, dia senyap, kemudian respon balik. So, at times, you'll feel like, what laaaaaaa?! In other words, it's going no where. 

So bagi aku, lebih baik kalau kita suka seseorang (sila faham beul betul istilah ini ya) senyap-senyap. And to me, there are several factors yang menyebabkan kita suka seseorang tu:

1) External values: Mungkin just by the way he is, his simplicity, his big glasses, long hair, his height, his awkward shyness, the fact the you will immediately look away when you meet his eyes, (kantoi usha), him not speaking to you but cakap banyak gila with other people. Just by looking at him will make you smile, for no obvious reasons. Senang cakap, kau tak kenal sangat orang ni, jarang text, cakap apatah lagi, tapi kadang-kadang terjumpa, and kau agak observant dekat orang ni, and you like him because he has that sex appeal on you. 

2) Internal values: His ability to make you talk to him for ages and never get bored, or even texts, or how funny, and outspoken he can be, the level of sweetness he could reach, his high energy which is rather infectious, and how comfortable you are whenever he's around. The more you get to know him,  the more attracted you are to the inner him, not just on the outside. Or in other words, kau kenal orang ni, and kau selesa dengan perangai dia and cara dia bawak diri dia. 

3) Someone totally new: Ni paling best nak suka. Sebab dia macam puzzle, where you'd have to find the missing pieces. You might like him by his physical, but baru sekali cakap dengan dia and lepak sama, you are attracted to his attitude jugak (or the fact that he has a lovely voice and can speak English really well. LOL). So, he's like a magnet la. Dalam kata lain, kau tak kenal sangat, and kenal sangat pun tak dia ni, tapi kau just suka dia sebab physically he's quite attractive, and he has many other extra ticks as well (not just his physical). 

So having said all that, here's my top 5 list as to why kita patut SUKA orang tu tanpa orang tu mengetahui nya. Cekidauttttt~

#1 - No obligation. 
Maksudnya, you are not responsible for him, and he is not responsible for you. Masing-masing buat kerja msing-masing. You can carry out your life and he can continue on with his, without having any obligation or responsibility towards each other. So, this could save many arguments, misunderstanding and fights and also, this could save time and money.

#2 -Free as a bird. 
Maksudnya, you are not tied to him, and neither is he tied to you. You can mingle with whoever you want, wherever and whenever. So your movement or social life are not restricted. Like come on, you're still not married, you'd want to get to know people. Kalau he knows that you like him, and you go mingle with other people as well, he'll probably think that you're not interested in him, where the fact is, you do like him more than any other person. So tak ke terjadi nya confusion dan misunderstanding di situ?

#3 -Motivation. 
Maksudnya, the person you like ni macam sumber inspirasi dan motivasi you la. Contohnya, you're single and life could sometimes be dull and boring, so having someone you like could add spices and colours to it. So instead of only focusing on your studies (which is quite lame) you'd have other interests as well. And you'll also have more things to be done macam stalk orang ke.. Eh? haha. And the best part is, that person doesn't even know you like him! So what you see him as, is the real him, it's him being him-et naturale. Kahkah.

#4 -Indirect get-to-know. 
Maksudnya, kalau kau suka orang tu, mesti lah kau selalu tengok dia, observe cara dia, identify personality dia etc. So, without him knowing it, you are actually doing your homework of getting to know him. Bukan judging, tapi buat research. Sebab apa tahu, we may like a person based on his physical, but makin lama kita kenal dia, and makin kita tahu banyak pasal dia, you'll start to realize that he's not your cup of tea. He's just not your type. But you'd still like him, is just that, not to the extent that you want to go any further than that.

#5 -Still friends. 
Maksudnya, kau suka dia, and dia tak tahu kau suka dia, and kau tak confess, then kau dapat tahu he's with someone else, kau frust, tapi at least, kau tak putus kawan dengan dia. Sebab you know, confession could be a good thing, or it could be detrimental. If you're more of a taking-risk-type-of-person, then you should go for the confession thingy, but you're not, and you know your limit of 'liking' that person is not to the extent that you really want him, then don't. Sebab if that person you like, doesn't like you, then he akan rasa uncomfortable to even be friends with you. So there you go, you dah hilang seorang kawan. 

You see, that's why, you should really understand the term 'like'/ 'suka' betul betul. Because, 'like' is the lowest form of love and affection. Unless you really love that person, then you should go for it without any hesitation. Even if he declines, you'd feel a whole lot better because you have let him know your feelings. And chances are, he might love you back. ;) Even if he declines, you know by heart what you want and brave enough to tell him. So, kuddos to you! 

Anyway, this is just my opinion. It might or might not be true. And this only applies to the ladies. Sebab, call me old-fashioned, but I still think that a guy should make the first move, not a girl. So, to the guys out there, if you like a girl, go and tell her when you think it's time. But you know, jangan tunggu lama-lama nanti lama-lama dia diambil orang. She terima or tak terima tu belakang cerita. :) All the best guys!


P/s: I might as well write aboutt : 5 Reasons As To Why The Person We Like Should Know We Like Them +.+'

Monday, 4 March 2013

Tat Nenas got 3rd place!!

Hai semua!

This entry is dedicated to my beloved Halusinasians. The results for Karviter (Karnival Teater UM) was announced last night. And guess what?! Kita dapat nombor 3, Menang Best Lighting Award, and dapat 3 pencalonan ie: 

1) Pelakon Perempuan Terbaik: Bijou
2) Pelakon Pembantu Perempuan Terbaik: Juwita
3) Pelakon Pembantu Lelaki Terbaik: Pak Leh

Waktu they announced watak Juwita tercalon, I was like.... WHAT??! Serously? haha. Seriously, Iw as not expecting that, at all. Sumpah terkejut gila. Yang I really expected was Bijou. Tapi dah rezeki kan. Tercalon jelah tapi dengan 4 others tapi tak menang lah. haha. Tapi kan, dapat masuk Top 5 dalam ramai-ramai tu rasa terharu pun ada. Kahkahkah. And then, time they announced we got 3rd place I macam.. WHATTTTTTTTTTT?! Because I was not expecting to get any placing as well. Tiada self-confidence langsung kan? ^^

Alhamdullilah.. Seronok bila effort one whole team tu nampak. Sebab, macam certain colleges tu, jurang antara pelakon-pelakon mereka  is too huge. Yang hebat, hebat gila sampai menang award Pelakon Terbaik etc, tapi yang teghok, teghok bebeno. So it was not balanced. And kita orang ni pulak, eventhough hanya 3 pencalonan and tak menang untuk apa-apa awards, tapi I think we are strong as  a team. Tu yang boleh dapat nombor 3 kot tu. huhu.

I am so happy and grateful that I am a part of Halusinasi. And last night, Abang Modee said, let's aim for the win next year. In Shaa Allah. :) 

Here are some photos. God i am so gonna miss these people. :(

Till then. Papai!