Friday, 30 March 2012

Me love kids!

Let's forget all the sorrows!

Assemekom! :P
So, do you have Little brothers or sisters? 3? 4? 11? Wah! Banyak banyak! Untung laa~ Mesti best kan? Can bully them, can order them to do things for you, can play with them, can tie their pony tail, can play swords with them, can do many things with them right? Awwwwwww! Do you smell jealousy? Yes. It's coming from me. I wish I have little brothers and sisters (OK, tipu je.Tak nak adik perempuan, nak adik lelaki. I want to be the youngest girl in the family. Hehe). But yeah, I wish I have little brothers. Men.. I can't imagine having little brothers.. If I'm annoying enough already, how will they be? OMG OMG OMG!! Superly duperly annoying I guess? Cool! hehe. Mesti Comel gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Awwww! 
If I have a little brother, we must be close!And I must have been his favourite sister (no offence eh kakak! ehhe). Now I really feel like wanting to have one! :( Dan mungkin saya tidak terlalu manja dengan Ummi? Mungkin.

OK2.. Going to the main reason for this entry. Hari tu kan (tak ingat tarikh. LOL) Kitorang pergi kindergarten dekat Shah Alam.. Nama kindergarten tu boleh disclose. Sebab? Suka hati laa! Eheh. We went there to make a research actually. It's for our TITAS project. We chose this title------>

So yeah, I really had a good good good time with the kids. They are so cute, adorable, energetic, smart, care-free, zealous, jolly, and of course, fun to be with. Spending time with them made me forget all my problems. It's like, they all have this unbelievable healing power and soothing presence. I seriously enjoyed each and every minute interacting with them. We separated them into Tech-kids and Non Tech-kids by asking them to choose what they prefer the most. And on 1 table we put all the toys, barbie doll, gun, story books, and fairy wand and all the toys thingy. And on the the other table we put all the gadgets such as Iphones, netbook, gameboy, iPad, phones and all the techno thingy. That's how we divide them.

Apart from that, we played lots and lots of games. We had a role play where me, Aqmal, Puteri, Syuha, Hafeez, and Hanny impersonated some characters and asked the kids to guess who we are, and asked them on what will they do towards each characters. This is to ascertain whether they are aggressive or not, as well as to identify how creative their mind works. I was the ugly witch in Cinderella movie, Aqmal was a Superman, Puteri played as the Green Pig in Angry Birds, Hafeez was an old man, and Hanny impersonated a pregnant lady. Hehe. And believe me, we got many shocking answers from them. =.=' 

We also had dancing (this was so funny). Hafeez and Puteri conducted this. Trust me, they can't really dance, but yeah, it was fun watching them being kids once in awhile. HAHAHA. We also gave them sweets and see whether they are willing to share their sweets with their friends or not. And we also played some puzzle games just to see how fast their brain works by solving the puzzle. 

So basically, we tested on their cognitive thinking, their ability to comply with rules, theirs social interaction with others, their creativity, how aggressive they are, and their willingness to share things with their friends. A comparison between Non-tech kids and Tech-geek kids.
And at the end of the day, we managed to draw a conclusion  So yeah, we succeeded in our objective! Yippie! hihi.

Here's some of the photos I took. :)

Edmund paling active! Yang tengah tu tgh merenung masa depan.

Semua senyummmmmm

Kumpulan paling aktif!


Hanny pon dah macam budak tadika =.='

Teacher Neni

Hafeez si ayah mithali



One big happy family

 Mother of 7

Hidupan rimba!

Kalau perasan, "hole" di ulang 2 kali! LOL

So yeah. Nie je gambar yang sempat diambil. And ouh yeah, I would also thank COP for teaching me on how to handle a class, to be an educator and to conduct a successful session. Arigato! :)

Pesanan penaja: Sila lah buat anak banyak banyak. #ehhh? :P

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I'm sorry..

When I am too comfortable with my life, I tend to live in ignorance. I no longer care about others. He? She? Them? Who are they? What's her to him? What's him to her? What I am to her. What she is to me.

These questions are absent in my oblivious world. Just now they popped out like budding seeds. The boundaries. The frontier.  Is it the limitless blue canvas in the thin air called sky? Or is it a near distance so visible and proximate to the eyes? What is your limit Naseha Uyaina?

Maybe gentle heys and hellos could break the ice. The intention was to be friendly, gregarious, or more likely, to be accepted. When I look in the mirror, and who do I see? A jubilant, childish and care-free teen was in the reflection. Is it because of the way I was brought up? Being last made me so juvenile? Being last developed my childish personality? The truth is, I don't know. Can you tell me why? What do you see in me?

I will tone down after this, not to satisfy others. But towards a better me. Not everyone can stand the whole of me. I used to not care about all these. But then again, what benefit do I get if I don't change? If being like this could tarnish my reputation in the eyes of my own kind, what good does it bring? Limits and boundaries. These are the things that I think are lacking in me. There is a wall, no a fortress,  I built between me and strangers, but betwixt me and the people around me? Just a thin line separating me and others. Maybe because I trust too much? I want to make friends that much? Now, am I too much?

I beg for forgiveness to each and every beautiful souls that I hurt. To every person that get annoyed by me. To the people who can't stand me. I know it all came from me, myself and I. No one else. And for that, I am truly sorry. I really am. I may not be the best person you have ever known, I have my own flaws, in abundance to be more precise. Yet again, I am a human being, who makes mistakes. It may be repetitive, but I am trying to be a better person.I hope that things would be alright again.. Just know that my intention was, and still is, good. And never did I expect it to be this way.



Friday, 23 March 2012

Tolong lah flush!

Nie yang nak marah nie. Nak marah sangat sangat. Geram tahu tak?? GERAM!

Tahu tak apa fungsi tali yang tergantung dekat atas benda air dalam toilet tu?  Ala..... Yang boleh tarik tarik tuu.. Tu kalau toilet cangkung. Kalau toilet duduk, yang ada punat untuk ditolak ke bawah tu. Haa... Kalau nak tahu, fungsi dia, untuk ditarik selepas anda melabur saham di tandas. Faham tak? Ke berkias sangat?

Lepas korang dah shee shee or poo poo, 

"Tali tu bukan untuk perhiasan. Paling penting, bahan buangan korang yang terdampar dekat mangkuk tandas tu paling bukan perhiasan. Tak ada siapa nak tengok. Tepu otak kalau ternampak tahu tak?" marah dalam hati.

Suka kan nak bagi orang marah and sumpah sumpah? Hisyyy... Kalau budak umur 2, 3 tahun tu consider jugak lah nak buat perangai tak beretika macam tu. Ini?? Dah boleh nak kahwin pun perangai jijik? Tak malu ke?? My God people! You have issues!

Tak susah pun lah nak tarik kasi flush.. Tak guna kudrat macam berlari 100m sprint race. Or kudrat yang diguna kan untuk angkat orang tak berapa kurus 100kg. Come on lah.. Tandas tu, tandas awam, tandas bersama. Kalau tandas yang korang bina sendiri, buat piping sendiri, letak mangkuk tandas sendiri untuk kegunaan peribadi tak apa lah.. Masalah nya, tandas nie kita kongsi ramai ramai!!! Faham tak? Ke nak cakap Bahasa Ferrranchis baru nak faham?

Bila dah marah nie, rasa macam uban dah tumbuh 10 utas. Sia sia je. Macam cakap dengan dinding. Tak tak. Macam cakap dengan mangkuk jamban itu sendiri. Macam lah orang yang tinggal kan hasil buangan mereka tu baca blog nie. Grrr!

Rasa macam nak tampal notis besar besar dekat tandas tu,  
It rhymes! Good.

Hisy... Marah betul la dekat orang mcm nie! grr!

Disebabkan hal ini, entry sebenar tak dapat di post. Disebbkan hal ini, me being a mother of 16 pun tak boleh nak cerita. Disebabkan hal ini., my adorable + cute + sweet + + + + 6 years old children tak dapat nak tunjuk gmbar dyorang.. Grr!

Semua disebabkan orang yang tak reti nak flush! Grrr!


Monday, 19 March 2012

Perempuan High Maintenance?

People, what do you think about my title? Yes, perempuan high maintenance. Maksud dia? I also don't really know.  Mungkin kah perempuan yang metarialistik? A freak for branded shoes and bags? Kalau makan, nak makan dekat tempat mahal mahal je, mamak tepi jalan pandang pun tak. Kecik hati anne tu. Sekali shopping habis riburibu. Tu baru sekali, if berkali kali? Tak botak kepala?

Or maybe, perempuan high maintenance nie jenis yang nak vogue  vogue je and jaga nama. If nak boyfriend, wajibul ghunnah nak yang kaya, kaya, kaya, kaya, and kacak, kacak, kacak, and yang secocok dan setanding dengan nya? Kalau muka tak pan asian, rambut tak perang perang, hidung tak mancung mancung, kasi tolak tepi. Haa.... Which one?

Or maybe all of the above? Sebenarnya, high maintenance nie ade banyak degree. Lowest, average, and superly duperly high maintenance. And contoh dekat atas nie adalah yang superly duperly high maintenance. Kalau yang average tu, lebih kurang je, cuma tak over sangat macam yang superly duperly high maintenance nie. And, as we all know, perempuan nie nafsu ada 9, so memang bernafsu lah dekat barang barang nie semua. Beza dia, perempuan yang superly duperly high maintenance nie, tak boleh kawal nafsu dia langsung. 

Someone told me that she has a friend, and kawan dia takut nak tackle I sebab "I look high maintenance". Is it because I put glasses on my head instead of wearing it for my eyes? Or is it because I pakai tudung lilit lilit? Or is it because I'm too outspoken? Sebab I pakai colourful? Apa? When I ask, she said,  the guy also don't know. Haha. Macam mana tu? Dia simply judge me based on my outlooks? I'm sorry, but Ummi I dari kecik marah kalau my siblings and I pakai selekeh. Kitorang memang di didik untuk nampak bergaya dan kemas. Tidak compang camping. :)

Tapi betul ke I high maintenance? Then I checked on myself. Baju banyak jugak baju bundle (kantoi banyak baju 10 hinggit), tapi branded punye pun banyak jugak. Then tengok kasut, paling mahal pun Carlo Rino, pakai untuk law punya formal events. Kasut nie Abang Uzair belanja, dia bagi duit time orientation week hari tu. Beg pulak, baru je terpikir nak beli Fossil sebab sangat durable. Paling mahal pun, PDI punya, yang tengah guna sekarang nie. Apa lah sangat. Kan? Handphone?Pinjam handphone torchlight kawan. Sumpah tak tipu. I don't use Iphone mahupun Blackberry. Sumpah guna torchlight je. HAHAHA. (so yeah, if you're reading this, that makes the 2 of us.) :P Tapi kalau perfume, memang mahal. HAHA. Ini memang tak tipu. Sanggup tak makan nak pi beli perfume. That's how crazy I am over perfumes. Tapi kalau yang lain lain, asal kan comfy, cantik and murah (haha) memang I tak kisah ada brand atau tak. Sebab tu baju 10 hinggit pon I pakai and ada banyak. Cuma kan... Beza dia kan... I'll just go and shop, if ada duit je. If tak, memang duduk melangut jela. Tak ada nya nak mintak mintak orang nie. So not me. *ini serius* So macam mana tu?

I asked my girlfriend about this, whether I am high maintenance or not. And she said (with a pause), a big YES.

And bila pikir balik, I do think that I am in the high maintenance category. But the lowest degree, kot. I have friends yang kasut and baju and handbags memang tak nak kalah. Kadang tu nak sebut nama brand dia guna tu pon berbelit lidah. haha. And, meletupssss tu memang tak payah cakap lah. Sekali pandang, macam retis dah. And yes, biasa nya anak orang kaya. Yang tak berapa nak kaya tapi guna branded items pun ada jugak. Yang nie memang saya tak paham. Kesian jugak laa. huuu.Memang tak nak kalah kau jahhhhh.

And usually, yang tak berapa nak kaya nie lah yang selalu jadi razor a.k.a pisau cukur, kijalau i mean jikalau (malas nak delete) tiada kesedaran moral dan hati yang agak berperikemanusiaan. I mean, kalau boyfriend dia  anak dato' kaya raya tujuh keturunan pun tak habis, lain cerita la.. Nie cuba kalau boyfriend dia pun hidup guna duit PaMa, or worst, PTPTN, mana nak tanggung? Tak ke makan pasir je si boyfie nye tu? Ish ish  ish.. Kesian. Bertimbang rasa lah sikit betul tak?

I have a guy friend yang cakap macam nie: "Orang zaman sekarang nie dah terbalik, sebelum kawin, semua pun bagi, nak apa semua dapat, dah kawin.. Semua pun tak dapat. Habuk pun tarak. And he made sense. Betul jugak apa yang dia cakap tu. Sepatutnya, lelaki lepas kawin lah bagi semua dekat perempuan tu sebab dia dah jadi tanggungajawab dia, nie tak. So sangat lah not fair. Kan? What say you? If you ask me, I will say this:

Lelaki, jangan nak manja kan sangat girlfriend tu..Kalau tak nanti dia dah biasa dengan kemewahan, seronok dia mengikis korang. Jangan diajar erti kemewahan. Kalau korang kaya raya, tak apa weyh. Sedar sedar lah kemampuan. If kaya pun, jangan diajar. Belum jadi bini lagi kan? So buat rilek sudah. Tapi kalau dia mintak kasih sayang and tak nak bagi tu melampau lah kan. And seriously speaking, I mean, typing, JANGAN PAMPER GIRLFRIEND MASING MASING! Sikit sikit tak apa. :) Jadi kedekut Haji Bakhil pun payah jugak, jangan macam tu. Ever heard of balance? Digest it. Kalau time couple dia high maintenance, suruh dia maintain diri dia sendiri. Bagi dia faham yang korang bukan suami isteri. (cakap tu baik baik. Karang apa pun tak dapat)

Perempuan, kalau tak ada duit, sedor diri tu. Kalau agak agak diri tu high maintenance, pandai pandai kumpul and cari duit sendiri. Indi lah sikit! Atau, tone down sikit ke-high-maintenance-an tu. Jangan mengikis, and jangan jual badan. No no no. Ain't good baby. 

So, back to the topic. Pasal perempuan high maintenance nie, I admit that I maybe a low degree high maintenance chick. But jenis yang sedar diri. Tak meminta dekat orang lain. I mean, guna duit sendiri la. Kalau dulu tak ada scholar, kumpul duit Ummi and abang abang bagi (ehe), and now dah ada, memang guna duit sendiri laa... Nak mintak pun segan  dah sekarang nie. Ummi tu memanjang je nak hulur hulur duit. Huuu. But if ada kesedaran, and faham dengan status kewangan sendiri, it won't be a problem. It's a woman's nature to be beautiful, and to look beautiful. I mean, from my past relationship pun, I never ask him things. If dia bagi, and I tak mintak, I'll say thanks with the cutest face ever. LOL. Kena sedar, dia masih belajar, tak bekerja, income tak ada. So why nak burden the person you love? Ye dak? So I really believe and hold on to this. And hopefully, in my next relationship, I will still have this principle in me. Bukan nak bangga, tapi cuma nak share.

So, that's all from me pasal perempun high maintenance nie.

Pesanan penaja: To the guys, know your girlfriends well. Don't be suprised if day by day, kocek korang makin kurus and wallet makin kempis. And don't have this hasty generalization that perempuan yang nampak innocent and mungkin dress up biasa biasa sahaja, nie tak high maintenance and perempuan yang nampak urban and kind of bergaya sikit nie, sangat lah high maintenance.  #just saying people.

 And what did I say pasal judging people nie? Yes. Pandai. It's not good. Jangan simply judge orang.. You don't know them. Cuba kalau physically tengok, memang high maintenance, tapi mungkin dia pandai match pakain murah or something? Ha... Kan ke dah berdosa?

And lelaki pun, konfem ade yang high maintenance jugak.. Tapi tak semesti nya dia orang tu gay atau pun jahat, kan? Same goes with ladies jugak lah.. Tak semestinya high maintenance tu, hard to maintain. Persepsi korang je.. 

Jangan cepat buat konklusi kawan kawan!


Thursday, 15 March 2012

In memory: Feseni 2012

Feseni is over. At least for me. Tinggal tarian India, Nasyid, Pop band, dan apa entah lagi tak ingat. Huhu. I joined Traian Melayu and Tarian Kreatif. Results? Suprisingly, we got third and won Anugerah Busana Terbaik for Tarian Melayu. But too bad creative we didn't win anything. But never mind that, the most important thing is I enjoyed myself. My teammates are so damn cool (though they all love to bahan me), awesome and sangat lah best! I'm so gonna miss them. :( Even now pon dah rasa rindu. We not just dance together, we sweat, we eat, we gossip, we laugh, we chat, we annoy each other as well! Sumpah macam one big happy family. And I'm the baby sister. HAHAHAHAHAHA. *perasan*

To Abang Shasha, Abang Mi, Hafiz, Azim, Syidi, Syukri, Kakak Aima, Kakak Miwa, Kakak Nowi, Kakak Mia, Zati, Fyda, and Pink, Thanks for the memories. It has been one helluva experience for me. And I will never forget it. And thanks for being a part of my UM life. Sayang korang sangat sangat. Hope we can still dance together next year. :) And ouh! Thanks jugak to Abang Dino and Abang Isz, you guys are great choreographers! And also to Abang Iman and another Abang-I'm-not-sure-nama-dia-apa (but quite good looking. haha.), thanks a bunch! To Kakak Lyn, Sham, Kakak Kecik, Popo, Salak, Kak Suraya and everyone yang tolong kitorang untuk bersiap. :)

So, let the pictures do all the talking, shall we?And ouh, Rambut nie kitorang pakai wig, that's why nampak macam adik Rosmah Mansur je sorang sorang. ^^

P/s: I love you guys!

Before ze make up session: Tarian Melayu~

Pink, Fyda, Zati

Abang Shasha

Cuba teka buntut siapa nie! :P
Sweet couple!

Kakak Lyn n Kakak Aima

Kakak Lyn

After ze make up session
Artis meletop: Hafiz

Beautiful ladies~

Ze ladies~

Azim n Aro yang baik!

Tarian Kreatif~

Monday, 12 March 2012

Another 10 more things about me.

OK..Since entry yang sebelum nie mencetus kan sedikit kontorversi (bajet retis gitewwwww), mari lah kita sama sama lupa kan apa yang terjadi. Dan SEMASA entry itu ditulis, ia tidak merujuk specifically kepada sesiapa. *atas nasihat seorang kawan yang sangat baik, maka statement ini pon terkeluar* Sekarang, jangan tanya ye ia merujuk kepada sesiapa atau tak. *sorok bawah katil*

OK habis pasal tu, sekarang nie nak sambung pasal about me nie. Kalu bosan, tutup mata and kira sampai sepuluh atau nyanyi twinkle twinkle little star versi tamil and kasi tekan itu pangkah dekat blog nie eh. :) 
And here we go~

#11: I have a very very very hideous handwriting. Buruk sangat sangat. Kalau orang tengok konfem terkejut beruk sebab buruk sangat. Maybe time tadika dulu I sebok menyanyi and warna warna and lukis lukis and tak fokus pada menulis kot. Ramai gila orang tegur my handwriting, haha. And yes, I've been thinking of changing profession, that to a doctor. Doctor kan typical tulisan buruk. *no offence. Time cakap nie buat muka comel* Tapi, rasa malu bila orang tegur tulisan buruk tu dah hilang. Mcam dah immune. +.+

#12:  First impression orang dekat I adalah:
But the truth is, tak pon, kan kan kan? Ke I je yang perasan I tak sombong. OK, mungkin muka I nie memang jenis muke nak makan orang and sombong and muke bajet bagus. MUNGKIN. Tapi, get to know me first lah. And you'll see and know that I'm not really a duche bag. I baik tawwwwwwww *perasan* But yeah, I get sombong as my first impression all the time. Mungkin lepas nie kena menyeringai tunjuk gigi senyum sampai gusi terkeluar dekat semua orang yang I nampak kot baru tak digelar sombong? Mungkin mungkin.

#13: I love my photographs to be taken. I mean, I love to pose in front of a camera. Camera whore lah macam. But no, I'm not a model. Orang gemuk mana boleh jadi model. *No offence. Again, buat muka comel time cakap nie* Dulu (sekarang pon), I love to watch ANTM(America's Next Top Model to those who don't know) And bukan America je, New Zealand, Australia, and Britain jugak. You tanya je winner season berapa, semua I tahu. Ehe. And sekarang nie I love Scout (New reality TV show pasal modeling nie. Bukan scout yang masuk hutan tuu). It's amazing how a normal and an ordinary person, become so full of expression and jadi super duper awesome, different and can tell a whole another story behind the photos that were taken. But no, I'm not a good photographer. Tangkap gambar bodo bodo je reti la. So, would you care to be my photographer? :P

#14: I think I would becoming an English teacher if I'm not reading law right now. Ehehe.. Can you imagine me being a teacher? Macam bakal kena bahan dengan students je. Sekarang nie pon asyik kena bahan je. sobsobsobs T________T  And I don't think I can teach. Kang I tersasar dalam mengajar kang,ajar pole dancing ke, ajar catsuage ke, kan payah? So yeah... I think it's better if I do law. And thank you Lord for this. I mean, for everything. :) And so, I would not want a lawyer to be my someone special. Trust me, if dua dua lawyer, lingkup dunia. Mungkin tak semua macam tu, but I think it won't work for me. I dah la kuat cakap, kalau dia pon kuat cakap, haru biru dunia. No no no. Tak boleh. I prefer a person whose actions speak louder than words. *cewah* Tapi jangan lah sampai 10 patah I tanya, sepatah pon tak sampai dia jawab. Itu mintak tapak nama nya. Ehe.

#15: I think most people would have known this by now, I'm the youngest daughter in my family. Ehe. And if I cakap I anak sulung, semua orang buat muka tak percaya and cakap macam nie with a disgusted face, "Kau anak sulung?????" Damn. Tak nampak ke rupa kakak mithali nie? Grrr! And Ummi cakap, dyorang tak expect pon I. Sedih gila! *tacing* Tapi kan, I really want a little brother! Sumpah nak! Tapi, tak ada. :( That's why I've been treating my cousins macam adik I sendiri. Tapi I yang kena buli dengan dyorang. :( Nak tengok gambar dyorang tak? Pi tengok dekat cover photo mukabuku I. :) They are my two favourite boys.

#16: I really love kids. Babies, budak kecik2, awwwwwwww... Adorable gila! Rasa nak gigit gigit je pipi.Tambah pulak yang montel montel. Ehehhe. Yummy.

#17: I don't like wearing specs. I rase pelik + nerd + tua 15 tahun bila pakai specs. That's why korang akan nampak I put my glasses atas kepala instead of wearing them. Bila nak tengok something yang jauh tu betol betol, baru I pakai. And if dah tengok, letak balik atas kepala. I don't know why, I really don't like to wear specs. So most of the time, if korang tak nampak I letak specs atas kepala,itu makna nya I  pakai contact lenses. *thank you human for creating this!*

#18: Singers and actreses.

Singer: I LOVE YUNA. OK, ini tak tipu. I really love her. Dia macam.. Sangat hebat. She can sing really well (nampak je effortless, try test cuba nyanyi macam dia,memang tak dapat la), she can write beautiful songs (lyrics dia sangat lah meaningful and lagu lagu dia sangat remaja), she can play musical instruments banyak banyak (which I suck at) and she is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. and S.U.C.C.E.S.S.F.U.L. Complete package. I really like dia dengan boyfie dia..Comel nya!! And if bukan local, I suka 1Direction sebab dyorang super cute. Especially Zayn Malik.:)

Actresses: I LOVE SHARIFAH AMANI and LISA SURIHANI. For me, dyorang dua nie macam the best actresses yang wujud dekat Malaysia nie. Dua dua petite, dua dua cantik, dua dua pandai, and both of them can act really well. Ini lah yang di kata kan kualiti. :) And yes, I don't like Fasha. Eww.

#19: I have this really weird habit whereby I akan gulung gulung rambut I before tidur. Kan dah baring before tidur tu kan, I akan main main rambut. Pernah one time nie, tengah syok gulung gulung rambut, then suddenly tersekat dekat jari, 15 minit kemudian baru boleh tidur.

#20: Another weird habit of mine is, I akan sniff people. And bau dia macam mana. Cuma orang tu sedar atau tak je. Tak ade lah sniff yang macam woofwoof tu.  I think I have a really sharp nose. If bau kurang menyenang kan je, I akan cepaaaaaaattt je bau.. haha. Pelik kan?

So, tu je yang I can share about me. What about you? Care to share few things about yourself? I'd be delighted to know! Or, maybe you still don't really know yourself? Well, my advice is, before tidur karang, why don't if you think about your likes and dislikes, your habits, and your wishes. You might be suprised by yourself! And maybe you'll love yourself even more. :) Self-value people!!!! 

Pesanan penaja: You are the one who should know yourself better. And no matter how bad people judge you, deep down you should know that at least you are being you. And people, don't simply judge others. You have a mirror right? Start looking for yourself in the mirror, instead of being like Snow White's stepmother who looks for others. And lastly, love yourself! 
Yup! You should love me too! Eh tak tak. :P

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Anda bagaimana pula?

Tajuk post nie... Macam tak ada kaitan actually. hehe. So, let me just ask you a question. Apakah ciri-ciri lelaki/perempuan idaman anda? I mean, what kind of girl/boy is your type? 

Trust me, if you ask this question to different people, you'll be amazed by how different and how unique a person is, and their likes (especially when it comes to soulmate). Kadang kadang, mcm comel pun ada. I read in Cleo( a magazine to those who don't know) Edisi 2009, I know it's old, but, trust me, the content is super duper awesome!

Dia interview hot bachelors, tanya pasal macam macam, contoh nya: What do you like in a girl? If your girl is a coffee, what would she taste like? What turns you on? And what's a turn off?
Would you prefer a shorter or taller girl?
 What do you like your girlfriend to wear?
And this very particular question, the answers from all the  bachelors sangat lah interesting! Ada yang jawab, her smile (Awwwww! I know right??!) Ada yang jawab, bikini (Well not a suprise. That guy pon shirtless in that interview. Pakai jeans je. Nasib baek badan hot. Haha). Ada sorang nie jawab my white shirt ( Ok. Nie sumpah best. And sangat cute. I always imagine myself wearing my future boyfriend's kemeja, and paling penting, jacket. Yup! boyfriend's jacket! :) *awwww* Another guy pulak cakap dia suka if his girlfriend wears his shirt to sleep. Only his shirt. (OMG OMG) And ada jugak yang cakap, office wear. (Pelik. Sumpah pelik). And macam macam lagy la. 

Another soalan yang agak interesting untuk di share kan bersama adalah:  
What is your best pick up line? 
 OK. Nie sumpah lawak. HAHA. Pick up line sorang sorang macam budak tadika! Among others: "I like it when beautiful people smiles at me. Can you smile at me?" (OMG! Lame gyle!)haha. And another one is:
 "Does it hurt? Falling from above? Because you look like an angel" (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH. SUMPAH KELAKAR)*gelak guling guling* And ada sorang nie pulak, 
"Can I have your number please? Because I've lost mine" hewhewhehew :D

So, this made me wonder. What are the characteristics of my dream guy? Soalan nie sangat lah susah. Sama susah macam Family Law. Ok tipu je. Senang sikit daripada Family Law. Ok tipu lagy, senang banyak. But my point is, what are the characteristics of my dream guy??? Do I even have a dream guy? Let's check it out~

Islam, solat tak tinggal, pemimpin, baik, dan hormat kan sye and my family adalah ciri utama. Ini bukan pilihan mahu pun choice, ini adalah perkara wajib ada pada seorang lelaki. And ouh yeah, the most important thing is, dia mesti lah LELAKI.

Moving on:
1) Tinggi. I'm not really fond of guys shorter than me. Or slightly taller than me pon ok kot. I like tall guys. Like really tall guys.Yup. Tinggi tinggi tinggi! Calciyum!

2) Long hair. Shoulder length hair actually. If panjang sangat nanti kalah rambut sye. Ehe. So yeah, long haired guys. Long haired guys are plain sexy. Awwwwwwwwwww!

3) Scent. His scent. For me, his scent is very very important. I love masculine smell. Soooo soothing. Ouh btw, I have an interesting fact for the ladies. Men's body odour can release your stress. No kidding! Try eh after this.. :P

4) Brave. Has a brave heart. Nie kalau nak mintak nombor pon suruh orang lain? Nak cakap pon malu malu? ^^ And, he must have a lion's heart to face my brothers. Ouh, lupa nak letak adjective for my brothers. Cruel, mean and not lovely when it comes to this. When it comes to this je ok. Kalau tak, they're damn nice and super awesome!

5) Slightly darker than me. Tak minat sangat lelaki fairer than me. Tapi sebenarnya, skin colour I don't really mind.Tapi tak nak lah jambu jambu. ^^ Tak macho lah brader!

And ouh! I just figured this out time malam tadi. SO here's another 2 criteria!

6) Plays musical instruments. I'm easily attracted to guys with this ability. Macam cool gyle. Mungkin if tengah down, he can slamming on his guitar for me. OK mungkin bukan slamming, tapi, pick on his guitar. Hilang sikit stress.  Or maybe he can play the piano. Or violin. I'm being demanding because I can't play a damn thing! Tak reti langsung main any musical instruments. So yeah, I bukan sahaja kaki bangku, tpai tangan bangku jugak ye.

7) Specky. Old school specs some more! Sumpah sangat adorable! hehe.. Yeah.. I don't know why.. I have a really weird taste. I think guys with specs look cute. Alolololololololololo... Macam nak cubit cubit je. :D

Yang lain-lain, I'll just keep it to myself. :) I'll just give you 7 among the rest. LOL. And jangan lah nak kutuk I dulu. About looks and money. I'm not an angel. Sabar sabar. I'm coming to that.

I'm not that choosy about looks. Kalau handsome macam Robert Pattinson, and a hunk macam Taylor Lautner, tapi hari hari, no, minit minit, tak jugak, saat saat, buat you sakit hati, nak buat apa? I'm not that choosy when it comes to looks. But bukan lah tak tengok langsung. Asal kan sejuk mata memandang. And still a human being, I'll be OK.. :) If handsome, it's a bonus then.

Money pulak. Yes it's important. But if nak mintak dia macam macam. I can buy on my own. Thank you. Tapi, if dah jadi husband, nasib lah kan. Memang segunung diamonds and berlaut berlian lah I nak. HAHA.

So people,  these are what I'm looking for in a guy. What about you? Have you ever asked yourself what type of girl can steal your heart? Just by looking at her, your heart skips a beat. Or how comfortable you are when you're talking or chatting with her? How innocent and naive, or notorious and naughty she is? How she makes your day? How you waited for her to appear online? Or how sweet and lovely she can be? Or stalking her is your new hobby? Have you? Well, people, start doing it now. And get to know others. I tell you what, you might be amazed by how a person can move(or tinge) your heart. :)

Pesanan penaja: Be true to your feelings, and know what you want!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Ouh Mother!

Ouh mother! Ouh mother! Ouh mother!

Apa yang korang fikir time baca my title? Eh eh.. Ke situ pulak.. Bukan lah! I'm not pregnant! What? tak percaya? Come come. Fell free to sapu sapu my tummy. Flat je. *perasan* ehehe. :P Ok..Teka lagy. Mother of God?? Bukan lah!!! U read too much 9Gag. OK.. Let's not beat around the bush shall we?

It's my mother.. Boy ouh boy.. She's a damn good mother. My role model (badan dia pon macam model dah.jealous aiiiiiiii. If jalan keluar dengan dia, orang inghat she's my sister! Dasat tak dasat my mother?). She's strong. And a very lovely mother. Makin I besar, makin  rapat pulak dengan dia.. She's more like a friend, than a mother. We can talk about anything and everything. Like seriously. School, studies, UM, artis, lagu ( one time nie she sang Bieber's song yang bertajuk Baby tu. Sumpah gelak guling guling), and she's more of a gossip girl nowadays. Bila call je, " Yana!!! Nak tahu tak?????????" HAHAHA. Yeah she's funny. But then, bila datang part sedih tu, mula lah banjir. I pon ikot banjir sekali. Hewhewhew. ^^

Yes! My mommy is the best!
 My point is, my mother is being a 'motherly' mother. Sekarang nie especially. Everytime she calls me, soalan yang dia tak pernah tak tanya is," Yana dah ada boyfriend?" And when I say, "No mother, I don't have a boyfriend". Then she will say, "Zaman sekarang nie, semua orang ada boyfriend/girlfriend. Yana tak nak cari sorang ke? Buat teman. At least Ummi takde lah risau."

Now you tell me how cool is my mother? That, or she's afraid that her youngest daughter will end up being a spinster (simpang malaikat pat puluh pat). And just now, she called me, so, here's our conversation:

Ummi: Hello assalamualaikum. Yana??

Me: Umiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Waalaikumussssssssssssssssalam. Ehe. Ummi buat apa? Dah makan? Dah mandi? Tak keluar ke? Tengok tv eh? Cite apa? Hindustan? Nangis lagy ke tengok Shah Rukh Khan tu? Bukan Shah Rukh Khan? Amitabhachannn? Heroin dia siapa? (Ok tipu je. conversation nie tak ade lah overrated sangat)

Ummi: Dah makan dah. Yana buat apa?

Me: Tengah sikat rambut. Ehe. (Soalan makan memang sensitif. Baik tak payah jawab)

Ummi: Nak keuar ke? Gi mana?

Me: Nak date dengan Mr.Totty atas katil. Ngehngehngeh :B

Ummi: Ish kamu nie. =.=' Haaaaaaa..Yana nak tao tak (ouh boy. dah start dah, desis hati ku)

Me: .............................................................

Ummi: Ada sorang pak cik nie.. Kawan Ummi.. Yana kenal kot. (memang Yana kenal semua pak cik pak cik kat Kuala tu Ummi, desis hati ku lagy). Dia tanya Ummi pasal Yana.

Me: Ha??? Pak cik tua tanya pasal Yana?? Ummi! Sya no! I don't want to marry an old guy!!! Plishhhhhhhhhhhh?? *puss in boots eyes*

Ummi: Ish kamu nie.. Ade ke.. Bukan lah.... Dia tanya on behalf of anak dia. Dia dok cerita dekat Ummi pasal anak dia yang baru balik Mesir, Amik law ( dalam hati ku tertanya-tanya, ade eh orang amek law dekat Mesir?) Undang  undang Syariah. (ouh. Mungkin.)

Me: Jadi?

Ummi: Kamu nak ke? Kalau kamu nak, ummi boleh buat penanda.. (Mother of Goddddddddddddddddd)

Me: Ummi! I'm only 19!!!!!!

Ummi: Yelaa..Ummi tao la... Tunggu Yana habis belajar dulu laa... Another 2 years kan?

Me: Tak lah.. Another 5 years.

Ummi: 5 years??? (suara terkejut). Kamu bior bebeno Yana...???

Me: Ehe.. Tipu je.. lagy 3 taahun setengah... ^^

Ummi: Ha.. Elok pon..Kenal kenal dulu.. Lawyer dengan lawyer..Elok lah tu (no way am I gonna marry  a lawyer! Tak mahu tak mahu tak mahu. mencik mencik. *sumpah gedik*)

Me: Eh eh ..............Eh, Yusry dah kawin dengan Lisa lah Ummi ( not a good topic to be changed to)

Ummi: Ha tengok.. Semua orang dah berpasangan sekarang nie.. (Ouh boy.. Here we go again........)


* * * * *
The rest of the conversation? You don't wanna know. Kalu nak type sampai esok pon tak habis.

So, what is the moral of the story?
1) Kalau nak tukar topik, cakap pasal makanan ke.. holiday places ke... NEVER talk about relationships.
2) Just pretend as if you have a boyfriend.. Ok. Bad moral, Uyaina. Bad bad bad moral.
3) Persuade her that you're still young and tak puas enjoy + flirt lagy.  Ok. Another bad moral, Uyaina. Bad  bad bad moral!
4) Sebenar nya, memang tak ada moral of the story pon kan?

Pesanan penaja: People, if you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend, do treasure them. Otherwise.. This is how you'll end up. FOREVER ALONE! And yang paling penting, LOVE YOUR MOM!!!


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Change and Camaraderie!

Hello people! Yesh yesh. My blog has a new image! How do you like it? Hewhewhew! You know you can't separate me with colours right? So tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! My blog is sho sho colourful! :D Me likey!

Guys, I just wanna ask. Have you ever feel like not wanting to go to class? Just feel like chilling, golek-goleking, malas-malasing, and baring-baringing at your room. Doing nothing, actually. Well maybe 9Gaging, Youtubing, Facebooking, Twittering, Blogging, Stalking, Chatting and all? Guess technology is not good for me, is it? That's what I've been doing this week. I didn't go to class these past 3 days. Well, since last week actually. I have my own issues and problems. But my main reason is, I don't feel like going. My studies are all down in the drain now. So much of a DL kan?? Serious shit. I just hangout in my room, all by myself. How interesting! whooopyyydoooo!!! :D But, bila fikir balik, I think I do need time on my own.. Just chilling..relaxing..wasting time.. Do nothing. Have you ever tried that before? You know what, it's a damn good therapy for me. I think Uyaina really needs a time on her own.

On the other hand, going to my main reason for this entry. I wanna introduce you to my UM friends ( a lil bit contrary to my first 2 paragraphs eh?). Yup2! For me, one of the strong reasons that keeps me strong to stay in UM and continue reading law (selain Ummi), is because of them. I don't think I will ever survive if these peeps are not around. They are like a family to me. That's how much these gals and guys mean to me. *i dah puji, belanja i aiskem pon cukup* Eheh. Speaking of which, they are the ones who helped me to sign for my attendance.. Took the proforma for me. Listen to my endless, miserable story. *sebak hati mak* Lepak-lepak. Makan sama sama. Main rugby sama sama. ( sumpah best gyle! ) Main futsal sama sama. Gelak sama sama sama sama. Shopping together, Stalking the lecturers ( i know righttttt :P ), bitching (kot), and macam macam lah! Just so you know how cool these people are!
So friends, here's to all of you.

First up, is THE Aqmal Hakim Maula Meman (the Diva/ Drama King)
I tell you what. He is a head-turner. Kalau jalan dengan dia, semua perempuan pandang tak berkelip. Betul!! This guy has an instinct of a woman. He knows what we're (the girls) are talking about andddddddddddd... he syncs really fast! Though he's a lil bit touchy (ampun aqmal) but he's a damn good friend. I remember the day yang I kena kacau dengan orang pelik dekat Pink Corner, dia terus call I. *terharu* Tapi kena bebel lah lepas tu.hehe.

Next, Puteri Eleni Megat Osman (our momma!)
Yes, this is Puteri. SHE HAS A BRAIN OF A LORD! Lord Denning mungkin? I first met her time asasi dulu. First day of asasi actually. We thought we were given the same room. Tapi tengok2, opposite rooms! hehe. Back then, we were not close. If jumpa pon, just heys and hellos je. But now, I can say we're pretty close. hehe. She's damn smart, asasi dy both sems 4flats. I kalah dengan dy. And 1st sem for degree pon she beat me. Kalah tipis jugak. Damn she's a LORD! On top of all, she's different. She helped me when I'm at the lowest point of my life. Slapped me. And shouted at me. Yeah. She did all that. And still, I love her to bits.  Yes, she's my best friend! (because she knows too much) :p

Hanny Natasha ( the hopping hanny bunny)
Here's another best friend of mine. She's so pretty, naive, and the cutest and sweetest person I've ever known! Rasa nak gigit je! She's so pretty and is getting prettier with her bangs. Sumpah adorable! Padan lah Faris tak nak lekang. haha. :p Yesh yesh, she's taken. hehe. And, dia cakap ada melody. Mcam nie : kenapeeeeee keluaaarrr tak ajak hannyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
 HAHAHA. Sumpah comel gyle! :P

Nabilah Jasmine a.k.a Abi babyyyyyyy
 Ok. She's a diva. hehe. Just look at her rocking that oh-so-beautiful green dress. Yup. She's lovely. Though sometimes she's a little bit of loco (ampun Abi!) But that's what makes her different. Who walks in a store and talks to the salesperson as if they have been friends for ages? Haha. And she reminds me so much of Queen Latifah. Very funny!!! :D And Abi nie sangat lah motherly. Boleh rasa selamat and protected whenever she's around. :) You know you can talk to me right babe? Though I'm not good in giving out advices, but I'm a good listener.

Saiyidah Nasuha Syuhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (the drop-dead-gorgeous)
CANTIK. That's the one word that can best describe her. Syuha nie mix Germany, her mother's side. No wonder la where she got the looks. hehe. My God... My friends are all hotties! *jealous* And, if you want good and self motivation advise, go to her. She's freaking wise. And all her words make sense. It's like, talking to a Life Guru or something. And no, she's not taken. She's still single and available. Ehe *promote promote* And most importantly, I love her driving skills! Sumpah best! And don't you mess with her on the road. Otherwise, you'll see the middle finger comes flashing at you. :P

Seterusnya, Kris (the hot model-like), Aisya ( the hot petite mafia), and Winnie (the hot mama)

 If you noticed, their first adjective sama, hot. Yup, they are! Hangout with them makes me feel insecure, and ugly. No kidding! But at the same time, rasa bangga sebab dikelilingi orang cantik. hehe. If dekat high school overseas, dyorang nie macam cheerleaders punya group laa.. :) They're all fun! Sumpah best lepak dengan dyorang. Ada je nak gelak and to joke around. hehe. Kris and Aisya are single 
 (stupid guys. If I were a guy, dah lama tanya dyorang nie bila boleh kapel.haha.)Winn is taken. My Goddd! Dia dengan bf dia sangat lah sweet! Sumpah jealous. grrr! :D

Last but certainly not least, Nadhirah yang comel n Hanie O (eh awakkkk) :D 
Hanie O

Dyorang dua nie macam B1 and B2 (bananas in pyjamas) Inseparable. And line famous dyorang adalah:
1: Hello saudari!
2: Eh eh awak nie!
3: Ehh hello!
Semua buat nada Datin ok. haha. Sumpah jadi doe dyorang buat, especially Hanie. Haha.. Dah macam Datin betol dah nie. :B Hanie I baru kenal dah masok UM. Tapi boleh get along very well sebab dia sangat cool! :) And dia adalah one of the 9Gager yang agak kronik. Pernah 1 time nie, I texted her tanya dia dekat mana, and she replied apa tao?  
"In between your boobs! Me Gusta!!" =.=' 
Nadhirah pulak I dah kenal since asasi lagy. 1 kelas, 1 gang youallsssssss. Dulu ktorang selalu lah jugak gosip2 pasal budak2 asasi. haha. Nadhirah nie kuat gosip. Nampak je pendiam. (Ampun Nadhirah!) :)

So people, these are my girlfriends (except for Aqmal la). Tu je nak bagitahu. Entry nie pon tajuk dy camaraderie kan. So, I just want to hi light the importance of friends.  Jangan jadi kawan yang makan kawan. Makan makanan lah dey. Asal nak makan kawan. Yang my guyfriends mungkin lain entry. Mungkin lah.. If rajin. *mood malas*
Yup, I love these people. They are good people. And may God bless them with His guidance and shower them with health, wealth and happiness.

Pesanan penaja: Hidup jangan seorang diri.