Sunday, 25 November 2012

Yunalis Zarai

 #np Remember My Name

Only those who really know me would know that I'm Yuna's die hard fan. I really look up on her. I look up on her in many aspects. Her unique voice, her beautiful lyrics that she writes herself, her music, how she can play various musical instruments flawlessly, the way she portrays herself, her fashion, her modesty, how humble she is, charismatic, and she has this appealing flare about her. It's not just her voice. It's the whole her. Of course I see her from the eyes of a fan. Not someone who is so close to her as in her best friend, or her sister.So I might only look on the good side of her. But it doesn't matter. If this is how much she carries herself as an artist, free from wild gossips celebs these days make money from, I dare say she's famous simply because of her talent. I'm not saying this because I admire her so much that I got blinded. No. But this is my honest opinion. If you don't agree, get lost. You don't wanna argue with me on this. Trust me. 

#np Lullabies

It has always been my dream to meet her and see her perform live. And that dream has finally came true when someone gave me a ticket To Urbanscapes 2012 and told me to meet the person I admire the most in action. I know I couldn't hide my excitement when that person gave me the ticket. =.=' It felt surreal. My ultimate purpose of going to Urbanscapes was to meet her. And only her. Though there were quite a number of other well known acts such as the Bittersweet, Love Me Butch, etc. But that, I don't really mind. I just wanna meet Yuna. And so I did. 

#np Sparkle

She was last to perform on the 24th. Last performance of the day. The best performance among all. Again, you don't wanna argue with me on this. Trust me. She wore a combination of red-yellow-orange-brown aztec printed leggings, a long black transparent (but of course she wore an inner inside) superman blouse *I don't know what it's called*  a green turban and and an ouh-so amazing vintage necklace. With a light touch of make up just to highlight her features. She's a star. Enough said. I was right infront of the stage. Right before her. And the crowd went wild when she stepped on the stage.Yes, including me. I shouted YUNA I LOVE YOU a zillion times. And I think I annoyed the tall guy standing slightly infront of me. Whatever. You want silence? Go to the library. It's Yuna! I ought to shout! haha. :)

#np Penakut
She started off by singing Gadis Semasa. My God! She has the voice of an angel! Not that I have heard an angel's voice, but I think that's exactly how it would sound. She sings live even better than her recordings or in Youtube. I AM NOT KIDDING YOU THIS IS SERIOUS AND AGAIN IT'S NOT BECAUSE I'M A FAN OF HERS. Her voice is one in a million. And while she was singing, she was doing this lovely hand gestures following the rhythm of the song. It's as though she's dancing, but not really. But whatever she's doing on the stage, I'm buying it. I fell in love with her over and over again. She has this unique and appealing swag about her that you cannot not to adore her. 

#np See You Go

I was hoping that she's gonna sing this song yesterday. But she didn't. She sang Coffee, Cinta Sempurna, Come As You Are, Fears and Frustrations, Favourite Thing, Lullabies, Sparkle, Decorate, and Penakut just to name a few. I love all her songs. I did singalong with her. But most of the time I was listening to her in awe while recording some of her singing. And kept on saying SEDAP GILA SUARA DIA! Some people say that she sings and sounds differently  in recordings and better than live. Those are all bullshit. She sang even better live!  No kidding! 

So overall, I really enjoyed her performance yesterday. And I look forward to her other performances, I'll definitely go. :) I managed to record some of her songs yesterday. But her photos are quite blurry. So I'm not gonna post it up here. The recordings maybe, but some other time because UM internet is not that supportive. ^^

#np Coffee

P/s: I love Yuna

Sunday, 18 November 2012


It feels like yesterday I was still sucking on my pacifier. Still wet on my bed. Jumps on the bed every time before I doze off to Lala land. Throws tantrums if I don't get candies or lollipops. Hides under the bed after breaking a vase. Spills rice all over the table. Wears a shirt without having to wear anything else inside. Puts on my mother's stilettos and trips over and over again, pretending like an adult but in reality was only a toddler. Annoys my sister till she turns red. Whose mind was only fixed to play, eat sweets, and watch cartoons. As carefree as a bird with no mind-boggling issues that needed to be settled. Spoiled. Naive. A child. 

Childhood memories have always been my very own priceless  treasure. Locked and kept neatly at the back of my mind and never be forgotten. Sometimes I doubt myself that I have ever grown up. Physically, yes. But internally? That's quite hard to answer. Up to this every moment, I still sleep with my mom. Still cuddle my own version of 'teddy' to bed. My mom and sister still suap me everytime I don't feel like eating by myself. My eldest brother still tickles and geletek and kejar kejar me. My mom still combs my hair for me. Not that I can't do it on my own. But I have gotten use to it. Being the youngest in the family has in a way builds my manja, gedik, mengada and childish character.

Despite all of the above, I can't deny the fact that I have indeed mature, if not a lot, at least a little. In terms of responsibility. Relationships. Thinking.Though I'm not fully mature in a sense that I still have my childish moments, that the people who deal with me still think that they are dealing with a 5 year old. Repeatedly, I've been told to grow up. That my physical growth is not proportionate to my maturity. I don't deny that. Sometimes, I always think that I have indeed matured and all the things that I do are in fact, correct. But the truth is, I'm not. Well, not fully I suppose. Ouh well, growing is not a one day process. We grow by time, and experience. And that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Not by others commands. But by own self, only time can tell.

So, 16th November 2012 marks the end of my childhood and adolescence years. It also marks a  new point of life. The -ty phase. Though I do not know what the future holds for me, be it nice, be it cruel, I hope I can stand strong and face it like a true lady. :)

To everyone who gave me all the lovely wishes, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. May all the good things you prayed for me, would happen to all of you sweet people too. Quoting from my FB status, I would like to wish all the happiness in life to each and everyone of you. And may all of us be showered with His blessings, long life, health and wealth. Ameen. :) And lastly, just bear this in mind (more like convincing myself) : "You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old. " ;P,

So, here's a few photos captured by my beautiful sister in law on my birthday celebration. :D


Saturday, 20 October 2012

"I've Lost Myself, Oh Sweetheart!"

We've just  met..
Don't talk about separation just yet..
I have just started to fall for you..
Don't speak about being angry..

Light has just entered our lives..
Don't talk about hiding faces now..
Life has just started
Don't talk about leaving now..

I've lost myself, Oh sweetheart..
I'm closing my eyes, I'm seeking my dreams..

May my love rests in your arms..
May your heartbeats listen to my heartbeats..
My desires are free from your desires..
Your tossing and turning narrate my story..
What a relief, what passion, Oh sweetheart..

Just now we have begun to listen to our hearts..
Don't talk about the world now..
The silence has come just now..
Don't talk about restarting now..

Just now we've begun to wonder..
Don't talk about being normal now..
Life has just started now..
Don't talk about leaving now..

That morning is meaningless.. Which comes after the night not spent with you.. 
I've lost myself, Oh sweetheart..
I'm closing my eyes, I'm seeking my dreams..

Sunday, 7 October 2012


"Describe Mock Trial in one word," asked the fine gentleman who sat in the middle. At that moment, all the 3 pairs of eyes were locked upon me. Awaiting for my answer.

I took a short pause, searching for the right word at the back of my mind. Then, with a succinct smile drawn on my face, and with my utmost sincerity, I replied..



Cewah! Macam nak buat essay hantar dekat Miss Emma (My high school English teacher) pulak. hihi. The scene above is based on a true story. My own experience. It was my interview to be a part of The 2012 UM Mock Trial team. And because of my answer, I kena bahan with my mock Hi comms who interviewed me sampai sekarang. They call me quaint. T_________T 

They said, I'm the only one who came up with an unusual answer. Others would normally say, cool, awesome, superb, fantastic etc. HOHO. Well, I think that makes me memorable, yes? hihi *tersipu malu*

Speaking of Mock Trial, this year's director is Mr Izham Ismail and tajuk Mock Trial this year is Gampang. Makna dia is anak haram. Dasyat sikit but cool gila kan? Our banners, buntings and everything that can be used to publicize our show are filled with the word GAMPANG. Sebesar besar alam!. haha. Way to go Publicity Team! And we have 6 shows. It was a sweet suprise that all the tickets for all the shows were sold out like pisang goreng yang panas! I'm not kidding you! Sekejap sgt dah habis. Woahhhh! *kagum* And what adds to the admiration, is the fact that all the floor seatings as well as the hot tickets were selling fast as well! We even have to apologised to those who came late and couldn't enter the Auditorium to watch the show. *maaf*

We know people put high expectations on us, the Mock Trial Team this year. And we gradually improved ourselves from the first show. The casts improved themselves tremendously. The first show was quite dull towards the end, but the following shows left everyone laughing their ass off. Some even laughed to tears! Haha. 

If you ask me, who would my favourite counsel be? I would say: DJ Jejemput. Ouh wait, I love PandaGila. Emm. The French man was funny too. Eh waitttt! I love Ummi too! And the pengkid as well as A Samad Siot were on the same par as well. So, my answer would be them all.  :)

 As for the witness, my all time favourite would be the Arab guy. The yahudi mabuk. I was laughing all the way throughout his show! And the rest of the crowd as well! :) And I also love the intro for the sexy sexy nurse and the African doctor. Damn hilarious! haha!

On top of that, the publicity team went wild, so as the Sales team. Not to forget the technical team (their videos have put everyone in awe) and of course, the Busana Team,  my team!!! Frankly speaking, I have no idea on how to make up people. So yeah, I was having a cold feet on my first attempt. But as I go, I have learned a lot of techniques and skills. I can do Joker, Poison Ivy, Old man, Sweeny Todd, Gothic look, Black Swan, Pondan, sexy look, and few others. I have to admit that my seniors are the best! they taught me alot. From nothing, I can actually do it! I love them to bits! :) 

All in all, I have learned a lot just by being a part of this family. Despite all the dramas that happened, we still have each others back. And I will surely join Mock Trial again next year, and the following year. :)
The rest, let my photos stori mori. :)

Mr Director

Puteri Amanda Pashmina


Joker Judge

The beautiful Farah J

French Man

Busana Team!

Hunk Zufar and cute lil Hanny

Monday, 1 October 2012


I know you're irritated..
I know you're furious..
I know you're confused..
Well guess what, me too..

I think I made the right decision..
I think I may not have..
I think that I think too much...
Or it may be something that I have not think at all..
Unfair is half of me..
Indecisive is another part..
Bewildered by my own self..
Making others even more flustered..

Ouh why is this self-proclaimed queen is a hostage of her own chateau?
Slave of her own fleet..
You give hope, and raise faith, but viciously destroy it with your silence..
Ignorant. Oblivion. That's what you are..

I'm sorry...

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Leaves rooms and spaces for you to ponder.
Myriad of possibilities to wonder.
For green may be blue and yellow.
Or green may be black as shadow.

Plain describes the colour of my eyes.
If you look deeper they are as cold as ice.
I tried to colour them with the colours of the world.
Disappointment that overwhelms became the hurdle.
But too many chains to me to many pain.

Mirror tells no lies.
You can deceive others by chance.
Or tell the truth by just a glance.
For what's infront of you may be a lie.
And what's behind may be a silent cry.
Come at your ease.
Leave as you please.
The thoughts of you come without cease.
Ouh this prisoner wants to be released!
So do me a favour.
Give me something to savour.
If I'm not your type of flavour.
Don't bother having me as a lover.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fish exams! Fishhhhhh!

Dengan ini, saya ingin isytiharkan bahawasanya saya amat membenci peperiksaan. Ia merupakan suatu seksaan. Bukan ujian kepandaian. 


Sekian, terima kasih. 


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Darah manis

Kehadapan kawan-kawan ku yang dikasihi,

Beberapa hari yang lepas, abang ku telah mengalami suatu kemalangan jalanraya ketika beliau sedang hendak pulang ke rumah kami di Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Semasa itu, beliau sedang memandu dengan keadaan yang agak laju di daerah Gunung Berapit, Perak, di petang hari. Dia baru sahaja lepas menjalankan tugas beliau sebagai seorang doktor di Hospital Taiping.  Hatinya berbunga-bunga riang dan beliau berasa sangat gembira ingin pulang ke rumah untuk berada disamping Ummi dan kakak tercinta. Semasa itu, daku berada di Kolej Kediaman Kelima, Universiti Malaya. Sungguh jauh. Hatiku menyampah dan menyumpah.

Menurut beliau, penat katanya. Penat sangat. Tambahan pula, setelah beliau habis menjalankan tugas, beliau pergi mandi. Makanya, semasa beliau memandu, di tambah pula dengan kesejukan dan kedinginan penyaman udara, beliau berasa sungguh asyik. Mata pun semakin kuyu katanya. Dan ketika itu, lagu Alhamdullilah nyanyian Yassin berduet bersama Joe Flizzo ke Malik, daku tidak pasti, sedang berkumandang di corong radio. Beliau kata beliau mengikut rentak lagu tersebut sambil kepala tergoyang-goyang dan jari mengetuk-ngetuk stereng kereta. Namun, sesudah nya lagu itu tamat, beliau kata beliau terasa seperti berjuta syaitonnirajim sedang bergayut di atas matanya. Lantas, beliau terlelap. Inallilah.

Kereta nya berpusing 360 darjah setelah berlanggar dengan sebiji kereta Avanza. Dan lantas, melintang di tengah jalanraya. Kereta nya hancur teruk. Sudah tidak seperti sebiji kereta lagi rupanya. Kerosakan yang dialami amat dasyat sekali. Kereta Avanza milik Abang Kacak yang dilanggar nya turut mengalami kerosakan yang amat besar. Abang Kacak itu pun cedera parah. Lagi parah daripada Abang Ujai. Kepala nya perlu dijahit dan beliau pengsan setelah perlanggaran itu tercetus. Sungguh pun begitu, Abang Ujai tidak lah cedera parah.  Syukur Alhamdullilah. Beliau hanya mengalami luka-luka dan lebam-lebam dan kecederaan ringan di bahagian kaki dan dadanya. Abang Kacak itu cedera teruk kerana tidak mempunyai beg udara. Abang Ujai mempunyai dan beg udara tersebut keluar dalam setengah saat. Ini menunjukkan kepentingan beg udara ya. Nasib baik sungguh. Namun begitu, kecederaan di muka nya agak ketara dan daku gemar menyakat nya dengan berkata: " pengantin sudah tidak kacak lagi". Beliau hanya mampu tersenyum dan menunjukkan barisan gigi putih nya yang tersusun rapi dan tidak rongak akibat daripada kemalangan tersebut. Sekali lagi, nasib baik. Ya, daku merupakan adik yang kejam. 

Jikalau dilihat dari aspek undang-undang pula, sungguh abangku bersalah kerana beliau cuai. Senang sahaja orang itu boleh menyaman nya. Namun, Abang Kacak itu bukan sahaja kacak, malah baik hati juga orang nya. Beliau berkata, "tidak mengapa..sudah suratan takdir menentukan". Seorang calon suami yang baik. Alhamdulillah sekali lagi.

Semasa kakak melafazkan kata-kata bahawasanya Abang Ujai kemalangan, daku merasa kan seperti dunia berhenti berputar dan jantungku sudah tidak berdetak lagi. Sungguh daku terpempan dengan khabar berita tersebut. Sewaktu itu, daku sedang berada di dalam bilik menuggu masa untuk ditemuramah untuk menjadi Pembantu Mahasiswa Kolej Kelima. Usah ditanya mengenai sesi temuramah tersebut. Daku tidak tahu daku bebelkan apa sehingga apabila ditanya tentang apakah aktiviti lain yang perlu diadakan untuk menjadikan minggu haluansiswa lebih ceria, daku menjawab dengan mengadakan sukaneka. Sunggu bodoh dan tidak relevan. Daku kecewa dengn diri sendiri. 

Air mata mula memenuhi ruang mata ku, dan merembes keluar seperti air hujan membasahi bumi setelah mengetahui kecelakaan yang melanda abang. Tambahan pula, kakak menceritakan bahawa Ummi telah meraung-raung. Hati seorang ibu, tiada siapa yang tahu. Daku menjerit mahu pulang. Tetapi, Ummi, kakak dan abang tidak bagi daku pulang. Daku sudah menangis tidak cukup nafas. Daku bertekad dan bernekad mahu pulang juga. Ummi sudah tidak mampu berkata apa-apa lagi kerana sudah semestinya daku yang pasti menang dalam situasi apa pun. Sungguh tidak beretika. Namun, daku sudah tidak peduli. Yang pasti, daku mahu pulang! Jikalau mampu, saat dan ketika itu jugak daku mahu balik. Namun disebabkan sudah lewat malam, dan tiada keretapi yang boleh didapati pada ketika itu, maka daku terpaksa tunggu sehingga keesokan harinya. Sungguh tidurku tidak lena mahupun diulit mimpi yang indah. Cepat lah pagi hatiku merintih. Abang Ujim tidak mampu pulang dan beliau juga ditegah oleh Ummi untuk balik kerana Ummi risau juga dengan pemanduannya. Kerana beliau memandu kereta sepeti memandu kapal terbang. Aci redah sahaja.Tambahan pula, beliau perlu memandu kapal terbang seawal 6 pagi keesokan harinya. Ummi berkeras menyuruh nya jangan pulang, Beliau terpaksa akur.

Celik sahaja mata daripada tidur. Daku bergegas mengemas beg dan menyiapkan diri dan melihat tiket keretapi elektrik ada pukul berapa di laman sesawang. Cantik. Pukul 10.55 ada. Daku pun menahan teksi dan bergegas menuju ke Sentral Kuala Lumpur.  Oleh kerana terlalu ingin cepat, dan kadar kecuaian ku sudah sememangnya tinggi, daku tertinggal pengecas telefon bimbitku. Maka nya, satu-satu nya cara untuk daku berhubung dengan dunia luar adalah melalui internet semata-mata.Sungguh mengharukan.

Hatiku juga berasa sungguh tenang dan lega apabila tidak dikacau oleh orang pelik dan merunsingkan sepanjang keberadaan daku di dalam keretapi tersebut, seperti yang terjadi minggu lepas. Tiada juga hadiah-hadiah pelik menjadi milikku. Syukur hendaknya. 

Sesampai nya daku di Ipoh, daku disambut oleh Abang Ujai. Ummi dan kakak berada di dalam kereta. Hati ini melonjak kegembiraan melihat jasad abangku. Sungguh, daku berasa lega dan bersyukur.

Jadi, apakah kaitannya tajuk entri darah manis ini dengan isi penting entri ini? Hal ini disebabkan oleh abang ku bakal berkahwin awal bulan enam ini. Maka Ummi kata beliau berdarah manis jadi hendaklah lebih berhati-hati. Daku pun tidak pasti dengan relevensi terma ini, kerana setahu daku, penggunaan darah manis adalah untuk mereka yang selalu menjadi bahan makanan utama para nyamuk. Orang yang berdarah manis adalah orang yang nyamuk suka gigit dan hisap darahnya. Otakku bercelaru.

Maka sampai disni sahaja entri daku mengenai abangku. 

Dan, sesungguhnya sungguh penat menggunakan bahasa baku. Namun, daku telah dicabar oleh seseorang. Lihatlah hasilnya, Bahasa Melayu ku sungguh mantap.Bangga Cikgu Sauyah mengajarku sehingga mendapat A+ semasa SPM. Ada berunsur riak dan takbur disitu. Ampun.

Akhir kata, maaf sekiranya coretan ku ini menggangu ruangan hidup mu. Kau maaf kan lah oh.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Malam Penghargaan Dayasari, MPD 2011/2012

Ini lah tarikh MPD, My college annual dinner. Buat dekat Tingkat 5 Grand Ballroom Summit Hotel Subang USJ. Huhu..Yup. I was the Emcee. Me and Cik Bie. Cakap pasal Cik Bie nie, I rasa suara dy oh-sangat-lah sedap. My voice yang tak berapa nak sedap nie pon boleh diselamatkan sbb partner dengan beliau. Sumpah sedap gyle. Well, that's my opinion. Orang lain, I don't know lah.. But I hope the crowd pon rasa macam tu lah kan. Nanti kalau anyone nak amik emcee, boleh lah cari beliau ye. :) I pulak malam tu, asyik di suruh dekat kan mulut ke mike je. Sebab suara slow. Dah la slow, dia jadi nyaring pulak. Sobsobsob. Dyorang cakap, suara I tak bulat. Macam mana nak bulat kan suara? (0.o)??
Haaaaa.. Nie nak bangga sikit nie. Malam tu perasmi adalah Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.. And and and, dalam ucapan beliau, beliau memuji kami para emcee nie. Wah! Kelas gitewwww. hahaha.. Yeah, nak bangga sekali sekala. LOL. :D 

Dah lah screen besar gyle. And most of the time, pak cik cameramen tu focus dekat kitorang je.  
Rasa macam diva pulak dekat depan tu.
 HAHAHA.  Nie ha gambar. Kaka Ika yang amek. Love you lah kakak!

tu saya! tu saya! Cik Bie yang sebelah saya! Well, duhhhh. =.='

Haaa... Kalau tengok gambar tu kan, tinggi kitorang nampak sama je kan? Sebenarnya, Cik Bie kena berdiri atas platform. HAHAHA. Sebab kalau tak, ketinggian yang tidak seimbang nampak begitu ketara. :D Ampun Cik Bie!! :B And, waktu awal awal tu kan, I pon saja je berdiri dekat atas platform tu, and ada seorang VIP nie nampak, and I cepat2 lah turun, dia buat muka terkejut and then gelak. Kehkehkeh.

And the ceremony went smooth. As planned. Cuma di akhir2 tu ada masalah teknikal sikit. Nak nyanyi lagu kolej tapi tak keluar muzik. So, I pon tepuk2 tangan Cik Bie soh dy umumkan, and nasib baik kitorang dah prepare skrip untuk kalau berlaku emergency. So Cik Bie went to save the night! haha.. 

And, memang rasa nak cium kuat kuat je kedua dua belah pipi setiap warga Dayasari! 

 Sebab even tak ada iringan muzik pon, semua nyanyi dengan semangat and berkobar kobar. Bergema grand ballroom tu. Kiteww terharuwww angattttttt. hikhikhik. gedik. Tapi seriously, semua nanyi semangat2, VIP pon. Termasuklah Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (adeh, penjang betul salutasi dy) pon nyanyi jugak sebab beliau pon dulu bekas 5th jugak. So macam gempak lah everyone dok nyanyi. Yes, I love Dayasari! Tiba tiba. ^^

And pasal crowd pulak.. Mak aih.. Dasat-dasat! Especially the girls. Fashion yang tak pernah dilihat pon terlihat malam itu. Tambah pulak tema dia warna merah, putih n hitam. So memang merah Mak Ngah lah everyone. Meletups habisss.. Boleh pilih nak yang mana. Semua macam retissss dah. hehe.  I pulak didn't spend a cent pun for this dinner. haha. Pakai baju dinner time foundation dulu, kasut yang sama, scarf yang sama, tudung je lain sikit, and still pakai headpiece tu, tapi modified sikit. And make up pun sendiri, tak tebal langsung. haha. Pakai penggarismata and kayubibir jewwwwww. kehkeh.

And, yang dapat anugerah pakaian terindah untuk si gadis dapat dekat our lovely kakak Mira Edora. She is adorable! Baju dia kaler maroon2 sikit and ada beads banyak. Sangat cantik and menawan! And untuk jejaka pulak, sengat legend. Frank orang panggil dia, Nama sebenar tak diketahui. Dia dah menang berapa kali berturut2 pun tak tahu lah. Dasat gilaaaaa... Tabik spring lah dekat beliau. Tapi kalau tengok pon, beliau memang layak laaa.. Sangat bergaya and handsome gitewwww. :D

Nakkkkk sangat tahu apa response orang pasal MPD nie. huhu.. Komen pasal emcee, pasal food, pasal multimedia, pasal ushers, pasal venue, pasal artis (btw, kitorang jemput Fiq Mentor tuu datang nyanyi), and pasal macam macam lah, huhu. Nanti boleh lagy improve. huhu.

Ini adalah sedikit sebanyak gambar yang berjaya diambil oleh mereka yang bawak kamera. I didn't bring mine. Tertinggal dekat dalam bolik hotel. I know. Silly me. Serupa tak payah bawak datang langsung kan? LOL. So, just scroll down okeh. :)

The sweet Kakak Ika

All the single ladies~ From right: Jaja, Zati, Zaf.
The hot Emma Bananina

The petite Kakak Nowi

Beautiful Kakak Miwa

Pilih pilih mana mahu :P

Terasa kurus pulak dalam ini gambar. :D From right: Marwan, Kakak Nabila(mama), Kakak Miwa, Pink


If you notice, almost semua pose I sama je KUIKUIKUI.. :D 

So, that's all for now. Tak banyak sgt gmbr. ^^ And hope to meet all the Dayasarians lagy next year untuk MPD 2012/2013. Till then, toodles peeps!

Eh kejap kejap kejap! Nie nak tunjuk gambar time Dinner Asasi dengan Dinner MPD. Cer tengok cer tengok cer tengok. Ada beza tak? :P

MPD 2012 (gambar blur pulak)

ASASI 2011 (Tudung terkeluar pulak)
Can you spot the differences? :P