Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Uyaina is a poet. :D

Hello hollow halo yellow shallow fellow cello pillow! haha.. Try to say that fast people! :D
Ok.. I am supposed to study now... But yeah.. My not-so-nerd side of me asked for a break.. Dang tired of studies..books...debates...laws..statutes...cases...blablbablablabla... I don't know why I'm taking up law in the first place..So, don't let me start.. ANYWAYYYYYY.... (haha)

Today is our another buddy-meet session.. My buddies are coolest buddies of all. We have, Im ( the macho, handsome,dropdeadgorgeous fella), we have Kak MIn ( the beautiful, lanky, model-like, Hindustani look hot mama), Azim ( the blur, sleepy eyes, funny, but sometimes an unpredictable person), Kuwa ( our tough palapes, smart, shy shy cat (miow!) haha), Arai ( the skinny but eats a lot monster and super nice), Ika (damn hot weyh! Cute, soft, and most importantly, Matt's. hehehe!), Amar ( no adjectives available ;P) and there's me. I love my buddies so much! Up to the point that though I have a freaking torts test tomorrow, I still wanna hangout with them today.. hehe.. We're planning to watch MI today.. And we're supposed to watch at 11. But yeah.. It's Tom Cruise.. So it's not shocking to see a stretching long line at the cinema. So we end up watching my sugar daddy( Tom Cruise babbyyyyy!) at 4. huuuuuu! I have to re-plan my schedule. So yeah.. I'm gonna start studying at 8 tonight.. Until God knows when.. Most probably I'm gonna sleep again tonight.. God I miss Good night sleeps.. :(

So, what's the motive of this entry again? Ouh yeah.. I wanna post a poem actually.. Only those who have the same thinking as mine will understand to whom I dedicate this poem to .. And what it is about.. :)
So here it goes.

(Sepetember 2011)
I remember the time when we were perfect strangers..
I knew your presence..and you knew mine too..
Only heys and hellos.. And sometimes plain goodbyes..
Little did I know, we're gonna be so close..

(May 2011)
My heart was broken.. Shattered into pieces..
My days were gloomy, murky and vague..
That's when i vowed, never will I again..
The pain was unbearable, what can I say?

(November 2011)
But a wise friend attended my sorrow..
Slapped in my face, shout with disgrace..
You are stupid, stupid and stupid..
I know you're inside, timidly hiding rather than to face..

What's to life if you're sad?
What's to life if you're not living?
What about the people that's peeking on you?
Eager to know, dying to get to know..

Thank you mate, for the brilliant shake..
Though it's a mishmash of jumbled emotions to fake.
Your slap, your shouts, your wise words..
Made me realized what I have missed.

(December 2011)
So here I am..
Trying to cross the line..Reaching to the other side..
I thought I was alone..
Till you came, grab my hand.. And say let's go..

I like it now..
I like it how swift you touched my heart..
I like it how you're afraid of commitments..
I like it cause I know I'm sick of one..

I like it when you're honest..
I like it when you're cold...
I like it when we knew it..
I like it when we hide it from others..

I am a free bird.. Soaring high..
Reaching the glaring sun.. The gallant moon..
I am an agile fish..
Swimming the deepest ocean I seek..Dancing in the water i pick..

So yeah.. that's the end of it...
P/s: this post was supposed to be made semalam semalam..but yeah.. Internet dkt Um nie kelaka.. ^^

Monday, 12 December 2011

I love you, kakak!

Achooo! achoo! ACHOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm not feeling well.. Hari nie tak pergi kelas pon.. I'm just feeling so lethargic.. Maybe it's because of yesterday's program kot.. We played snow! hehe.. My younger brothers and sisters( cousins actually, but i love to call them my brothers n sisters), they were all so thrilled..( Ok.. fine! me too.haha) It was freezing in there! Though I know it's nothing compared to the real winter.. But yeah, IT WAS FUN PEOPLE! hehe.. That was surely my first experience.. And to be sharing it with my family (though Ummi, n my big brothers were not there last night) but, my aunts (hala yah n hala anat) made it seemed like kakak and I are a part of their family.. I just love them so freaking much! :) And ouh yeah, I forgot to mention, we went to I-city je.hahahhaa.. 

Now I would like to talk about my beloved sister.. Saidatul Najla Umaira bt Arshad. Do you know that she's the most wonderful sister in the whole wide world? Yes, she is my one and only sister and I love her to bits! hehe.. I don't know whether or not she reads my un-popular blogt.. But It doesn't matter..

Dear kakak, 
I just wanna say thanks for being my sister.. I know I'm dang annoying( bising2 dkt telinge kakak, Curi pakai baju kakak(kasut jugak), saje2 gedik dkt kakak) and all the ways possible to make you feel irritated. That's how little sisters behave I believe.. hehe! It feels like we're growing up too fast right? I just can't believe you've been proposed by someone.. Where did time go? Do you still remember the time when we used to mandi together? And after that, we'll be playing train-train(because there was only one towel.haha). Do you still remember the time we played ribut melanda? haha.. You were(i mean, are) tiny, and there's me, gigantic and all. haha.. And when I roll.over you, you were like.. 'Yana...cepat laa...rasa nak mati dahhh....!" hahaha.. Good old times eh? Good old times.. And and and, do you still remember how identical we used to be? People always said that we're twins! haha.. And I kinda like it you know! How cool can cool be to have a twin sister?hehe! All our clothes will be identical. Add up with our curly hair.. Fair skin.. Who wouldn't have mistaken us as twins? hihi!

And now...here we are.. In our teen souls.. We're about to enter a whole 'nother phase in life.. We're no longer lil kids.. Though I know I'm still not growing up inside..And kakak, do you know that I'm always jealous of you..? You're so polite.. Soft.. Loveable.. You have beautiful skin and hair.. You're petite.. And you look younger! haha... Now, people will always think that I'm the elder sister.. Which is not fair! But never mind.. I have gotten used to it..(Thank God you're my sister.*clenched fist*haha!). 

Just so you know that  I am so happy for you! And I know you're happy too... They say, eyes do not lie.. And your eyes didn't. I see how you glowed.. Each and everytime our family (especially me and Aizzat) sakat-ing both of you.. Though being bombarded by us, both of you can still smile, laugh along and sucked it all up. haha.. I am very happy for you big sister! And to be honest, I can't wait to be your bridesmaid. You are going to be one BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL bride!! And I'm gonna be one head-turning, mind-blowing, hot, bridesmaid!( haha... Don't ask me why my adjectives lagy bnyk than hers. LOL.) hehe.. I love you kakak! And I can't wait for you to get married with Abg Fendy.. Have pretty kids, cherish each and everyday together, and grow old together. I'm praying the best for you big sister! 

And I just wanna tell you how lucky you are.. Having to get married early.. Having to have a very wonderful mother and father in laws, having Ohti Na, Abg Iman, Lala, Boboy, Abg Ehsan, Kak Alia, and Amar as your very own family.. You are one lucky gal do you know that? hehe.. I'm so happy for you.. I wish that you'll have a perfect life ahead.. And no matter what, I'm still gonna be your annoying lil sister.. hehe! I'm just hoping the best for you.. Because I love you kakak! 

And your ex is one stupid guy. Sorry to bring it up here. But, he really doesn't deserve you. He is stupid enough to let go of you.. Very stupid. But, you know, I think there's a reason behind all this. And the reason is, you wouldn't have been in a relationship with Abg Fendy if you're still with him, right? And to be honest, I like Abg Fendy more than him. hehhe! So yes, you do get my blessing! haha! And I'm learning something as well form your life kakak... It doesn't mean that the person you've planned to get married with will be the person you're gonna marry.. I love you kakak!

So this is me, single and happy.. Having a wonderful family, awesome friends, a crush(haha.LOL :P), and the fact that I'm still breathing.. I am so grateful and thankful because God gave me a chance to live.. So that I can experience more about life.. I'm becoming more positive these days.. I don't know what made me, but I'm loving this. Love it!

So, that's all for my entry this time.. It's dedicated to my beloved sister.. And a lil bit touch about myslef... :) Toodles people!

Friday, 9 December 2011

You! Yes you!

*ok tajuk macam tak ade kaitan sangat*

Hello people!It's been ages since the last time updated this blog right? Can you see the spider webs here and there?hehe.. Go away spideys! :) So, how y'all been doing? I hope you're doing just fineeeee~ By the way, I think I'll be updating this blog more often.. I have a reason to do so now.. Though I don't know whether you'll be reading this or not.. But who cares? I'm still gonna 'write'. So yeah.. Naseha Uyaina is back people! LOL

So, time flies so fast isn't it? It feels like I have just entered UM yesterday (Ok, that's too much of a hyperbola. But yeah. Time flies so fast, that's my point). I finally think that I'm able to cope with UM's cruelty, heartless, and murderous environment. I think that I can now breathe right. I can sleep well at night. I'm enjoying myself here. Praise to God!!!

We are like total nerds I tell you! Who studies from 8 pm in the evening up till 7 in the morning? For 3 freaking days? Hell yeah we did. And we only slept for like... 2 hours at noon? Not kidding weyh! And some other days, we will(at least me and two of my friends will) open up the books and swallow each and every words existed. At times (most of the time, actually) we will debate about certain things, about the cases, about the laws, about how to answer the freaking questions. And to my suprise, I really enjoyed it. Pink corner is THE place to study. You can flirt and study at the same time. HAHA.  Kidding. We put our nose on the grindstone and go the extra mile for our exams. And I'm not joking. If Ummi knows what I've been doing here, she would have said, "Bagus nye anak ummi nie.. Ummi bangga dengan Yana.. Regardless of what you'll get for your exams because I know you have studied hard and do your best". And yes ummi.. I'm doing my best here.. Trying to survive.. Scoring.. My Torts lecturer said we did pretty good in our test the other day.. And I've got my first Contracts test result.. Though I' not the highest scorer in my batch, but second best is not that bad is it? Alhamdullilah.. Am struggling and aiming for the best.. Please God help me in this. I wish I can hit the highest score in my next test as well as my final exams.. Ameen..

But still..despite all that, my biggest concern right now is Family Law... You have no idea how hard it is.. It's even harder than Add Maths (Ok fine.. Almost as hard as Add math. Fine. Add Math is harder. ) If you get what I mean? I'm really really worried about this subject. I don't wanna fail and have to repeat this paper.. I really don't want to. God please help me..

So that's all about my studies.And regarding other things.. As I said earlier.. I'm enjoying myself here.. I finally realised that I can live on my own.. You have no idea how it feels like.. I am really really happy! Hope this happiness gonna last forever! Having to know the fact that I'm still in the market. LOL.:D No no no. What I mean is, having to know the fact that there is (or is it are.?) still someone that cares and concerns about diri ini. hahaha... I'm being everyone's friend right now! I mingle around.. Get to know people.. And get to know you and you and you.. Life is not so boring after all! hehe.. 

I believe Um has changed my perspective about life.. About living.. About love.. About friends.. About surviving.. I think God has finally answered my prayers.. And I'm sorry God for not being a good and faithful servant of yours.. I'll improve myself in the future.. I'll let go of my past.. And start anew and fresh. For a better me. And I'm gonna love myself first before I love someone and being loved. That's my promise. 

So...I'm gonna hit the bed now. Shleeeppyyyyyyy! hehe.. Nite2 people!