Saturday, 20 October 2012

"I've Lost Myself, Oh Sweetheart!"

We've just  met..
Don't talk about separation just yet..
I have just started to fall for you..
Don't speak about being angry..

Light has just entered our lives..
Don't talk about hiding faces now..
Life has just started
Don't talk about leaving now..

I've lost myself, Oh sweetheart..
I'm closing my eyes, I'm seeking my dreams..

May my love rests in your arms..
May your heartbeats listen to my heartbeats..
My desires are free from your desires..
Your tossing and turning narrate my story..
What a relief, what passion, Oh sweetheart..

Just now we have begun to listen to our hearts..
Don't talk about the world now..
The silence has come just now..
Don't talk about restarting now..

Just now we've begun to wonder..
Don't talk about being normal now..
Life has just started now..
Don't talk about leaving now..

That morning is meaningless.. Which comes after the night not spent with you.. 
I've lost myself, Oh sweetheart..
I'm closing my eyes, I'm seeking my dreams..

Sunday, 7 October 2012


"Describe Mock Trial in one word," asked the fine gentleman who sat in the middle. At that moment, all the 3 pairs of eyes were locked upon me. Awaiting for my answer.

I took a short pause, searching for the right word at the back of my mind. Then, with a succinct smile drawn on my face, and with my utmost sincerity, I replied..



Cewah! Macam nak buat essay hantar dekat Miss Emma (My high school English teacher) pulak. hihi. The scene above is based on a true story. My own experience. It was my interview to be a part of The 2012 UM Mock Trial team. And because of my answer, I kena bahan with my mock Hi comms who interviewed me sampai sekarang. They call me quaint. T_________T 

They said, I'm the only one who came up with an unusual answer. Others would normally say, cool, awesome, superb, fantastic etc. HOHO. Well, I think that makes me memorable, yes? hihi *tersipu malu*

Speaking of Mock Trial, this year's director is Mr Izham Ismail and tajuk Mock Trial this year is Gampang. Makna dia is anak haram. Dasyat sikit but cool gila kan? Our banners, buntings and everything that can be used to publicize our show are filled with the word GAMPANG. Sebesar besar alam!. haha. Way to go Publicity Team! And we have 6 shows. It was a sweet suprise that all the tickets for all the shows were sold out like pisang goreng yang panas! I'm not kidding you! Sekejap sgt dah habis. Woahhhh! *kagum* And what adds to the admiration, is the fact that all the floor seatings as well as the hot tickets were selling fast as well! We even have to apologised to those who came late and couldn't enter the Auditorium to watch the show. *maaf*

We know people put high expectations on us, the Mock Trial Team this year. And we gradually improved ourselves from the first show. The casts improved themselves tremendously. The first show was quite dull towards the end, but the following shows left everyone laughing their ass off. Some even laughed to tears! Haha. 

If you ask me, who would my favourite counsel be? I would say: DJ Jejemput. Ouh wait, I love PandaGila. Emm. The French man was funny too. Eh waitttt! I love Ummi too! And the pengkid as well as A Samad Siot were on the same par as well. So, my answer would be them all.  :)

 As for the witness, my all time favourite would be the Arab guy. The yahudi mabuk. I was laughing all the way throughout his show! And the rest of the crowd as well! :) And I also love the intro for the sexy sexy nurse and the African doctor. Damn hilarious! haha!

On top of that, the publicity team went wild, so as the Sales team. Not to forget the technical team (their videos have put everyone in awe) and of course, the Busana Team,  my team!!! Frankly speaking, I have no idea on how to make up people. So yeah, I was having a cold feet on my first attempt. But as I go, I have learned a lot of techniques and skills. I can do Joker, Poison Ivy, Old man, Sweeny Todd, Gothic look, Black Swan, Pondan, sexy look, and few others. I have to admit that my seniors are the best! they taught me alot. From nothing, I can actually do it! I love them to bits! :) 

All in all, I have learned a lot just by being a part of this family. Despite all the dramas that happened, we still have each others back. And I will surely join Mock Trial again next year, and the following year. :)
The rest, let my photos stori mori. :)

Mr Director

Puteri Amanda Pashmina


Joker Judge

The beautiful Farah J

French Man

Busana Team!

Hunk Zufar and cute lil Hanny

Monday, 1 October 2012


I know you're irritated..
I know you're furious..
I know you're confused..
Well guess what, me too..

I think I made the right decision..
I think I may not have..
I think that I think too much...
Or it may be something that I have not think at all..
Unfair is half of me..
Indecisive is another part..
Bewildered by my own self..
Making others even more flustered..

Ouh why is this self-proclaimed queen is a hostage of her own chateau?
Slave of her own fleet..
You give hope, and raise faith, but viciously destroy it with your silence..
Ignorant. Oblivion. That's what you are..

I'm sorry...