Monday, 30 January 2012


Hello guys! How y'all been doing? Hope you guys are doing well, better than ever! I'm in Um right now.. Gotta come back early. Supposedly i have 3 full weeks to stay back and relax at home sweet home.. But, since i put up my name to join Feseni, so I have to come back two weeks earlier. Shoot. I know. There goes my holiday. But on the other hand, looking at the bright side of it, I'm collecting merits which  at the end of the day will benefit me. Yeah, it's like a freaking survivor competition already. In order to stay in, you gotta work. Lazy ass will be kicked out. As simple as that. And because of that, I'm joining many activities held by the college. I joined the hockey competition for SUKMUM( I also dont know what it stand yeah ^^ ). I went for the interviews to become the host for College Annual Dinner ( which i got the spot. Yes!). And now, I'm joining the Gema Nusantara ( Malay dancing competition which I'm really fond of). So yeah. Hope these 3 main programs suffice. It's damn hard to balance between college and faculty. Well, that's the challenging part living in UM isn't it? Just suck it up or get sucked up.

So I went back home after the exam. I mean, after our PD trip. Our fun exciting relaxing PD trip. Speaking of which, I really can't forget! An insanely unforgettable experience. We were all like zombies, tired and mentally drained and physically lethargy due to our sleepless nights tucking our nose on the books in preparation for the exams. But still, our macho and hunk guys still have it in them, driving, setting up the bonfire, preparing for the barbecue, and finding the woods and sticks and other things that could be used to start the fire. While we the girls. drew and wrote on the sands, running and skipping along the beach, enjoyed the picturesque view of the sea swallowing the sun, savoured the perfect hues painted on the sky, and singing along as Syuha played the guitar. Cherishing the little little things.. :)

What? Not fair? What is fair in the first place? Haven't heard of the word before. LOL

So yeah, the night went perfectly. But yeah, since I'm a sleepyhead, I kinda slept on the soft sands. At different spots I suppose. haha! It was so chilling and cool and the wind was mild and perfect. The night couldn't get any better. It was a romantic night. The ambience I mean.. We were just chilling,, The guys were shisha-ing.. Some were singing... Uncle n Usha were playing the guitars... Which they were really good at. And the rest of us ( those who knew the songs) sang along.. Amar was working on the chicken. He grilled the deliciously delicious chicken, and later was helped by the macho Zufar and muscular Haziq. Dang..These guys really know how to grill don't they?! Me? I only helped to pour down the sauce. LOL. :D  And good Lord, Amar was super strong. I mean, is!!!! He pulled the damn heavy log all by himself. And later carried it with Dylan. I only angkat a little bit. HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIIHIHIHI.. He's like Robinson Crusoe. hahaha.. Especially when he took of his shirt. Funny weyh! But alarming. Miow! LOL LOL LOL LOL! :B

Meanwhile, sexy Kris and Aisya were toasting the marshmallows.. FeeJo was high, sipping the shisha too much ( and later he puked because of that. hahahaahaha) Puteri and Ijlal were laying on the beach (together!haha) staring at the stars and had their educational conversation. *yawn* hahahahahahhahahaa...
Hanie and Nadhirah were circling Nadeem Uncle and Usha.. Singing and chatting.. Syuha went on a stroll along the beach with the burnt hair(my bad) Nasbal, and later sat at the far side of the beach. Ajim Duwei Dylan were chatting.. And Duwei was laughing his ass off over me. Jahat punye Duwei. He said that I'm like a cartoon. JAHAT! 

Did I miss anyone? Nope.. * I hope so* . And we went back around 4 am.. And reached Um around 6 am.. And went straight to Pelita. HAHAHA. I slept through the whole journey.. I slept soundlessly. Thanks to you...Thank you very much :)

So that's about our PD trip.

And now, I'm messed up thinking about my exam results.. I seriously don't know what will I get.. Let's just pray for the best shall we? *sumpahtakotnakmati* I even had a dream, no, no, a nightmare I suppose! That's more like it. huuuuuuu.Let's pray together ok?

Dear Allah, 
Please let my friends and I pass this first semester examination with flying colours.. We have struggled... Work really hard.. and may You grant us with success.. Dear Almighty, please help us to get good results.. Not to flatter ourselves..Neither to be arrogant. But to pay off our hard work.. And make our parents proud of us.. Insyallah we will all succeed.. Amin..

I'm in my UM room right now. Scared to death. I'm all alone. Ouh. Not really alone. I have Mr.totty. Been hugging him since night crawls. Damn creepy weyh this block! MUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYY1!!!! Nasib Baik ade Mr. Totty. My saviour! My turtle knight! :)

So, that's all from me.. Ouh yeah! I have few other things to blog about. but never mind, in my next post perhaps. :)

Papai people!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

How I celebrated my new year. :)

Good morning people!!!! Happy New Year! It's 2012 already! So, what's your new year's resolutions.? Better be good people! hehe..

Well, these are a few of my new year's resolution~

1) I'm gonna be a better servant of Him.
2) I'm gonna stay single for the whole year. (errr....sorry mate I took yours!)
3) I'm gonna enjoy my campus life.
4) I'm not gonna skip class.
5) I'm gonna do notes after each class.
6) I'm gonna study even harder.

So, these are my new year's resolutions! hehehe... :) Care to comment your new year's resolution people? hihi.

By the way, now is study week. Just 3 more days before finals..I'm damn scared right now.. The feeling is not the same I tell you! Foundation is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking different! sheeeeshhh! I feel like dying here in UM. sobosbosb. Well people, all I can ask from you is just to pray for my success.. I've done my part I think.. I've been working my ass off.. Only God and my friends here know.. I hope it'll pay off.. With good grades of course! Insyallah ameen!

So, back to the topic, how I celebrated my new year.
As I stated in my previous posts... I'm a nerd. Law faculty is my first home now.. Most of my time I will be snowed under books. So as today. I mean yesterday. Hold on, is it last year? hahaha...Lame joke I know.. ^^ So yeah.. I spent another faculty-day. So, basically, I celebrated my new year at the faculty, pink corner to be more precise. hehe.. And what made it an interesting celebration and of course, an unforgettable one is the fact that we climbed the rooftop! Yup we did! If dekat sekolah dulu, I climbed tangki air, now I panjat bumbung pulak. LOL! So yeah.. We ( me, najwa, hafeez, nasbal, amar, zufar, duwei n a female senior which I do not know her name) We watched the fireworks and were awed by it like little kids. It was beautiful.. Fireworks always make me happy... It feels like watching paintings in the sky.. :) 

So yeah.. after 15 minutes up there, we climbed down.. And duhhh.. Baca buku balik. Nerds right? It's a new year and we just hangout with our books.? You gotta be kidding me... No other words that can describe us best.. Other than NERDS! gahhhh! Tak ada life doe ktorang semua... ^^ Ouh well, Nak finals dah kan.. So yeah..

And here's to you 2012, welcome and treat me nicely ok.. I'm moving forward.. And I want to be a better person.. For myself. Not for anyone else.. 

And no, I'm not fond of going out with guys je. And no, don't go f*** anyone.. I've let it all out to you.. Read me..And it's up to you on what you wanna do.. I think I'll just have a short nap.. Gotta go to pink corner again at 11. Promised to have a study group with my colleagues. Papai people!