Sunday, 25 November 2012

Yunalis Zarai

 #np Remember My Name

Only those who really know me would know that I'm Yuna's die hard fan. I really look up on her. I look up on her in many aspects. Her unique voice, her beautiful lyrics that she writes herself, her music, how she can play various musical instruments flawlessly, the way she portrays herself, her fashion, her modesty, how humble she is, charismatic, and she has this appealing flare about her. It's not just her voice. It's the whole her. Of course I see her from the eyes of a fan. Not someone who is so close to her as in her best friend, or her sister.So I might only look on the good side of her. But it doesn't matter. If this is how much she carries herself as an artist, free from wild gossips celebs these days make money from, I dare say she's famous simply because of her talent. I'm not saying this because I admire her so much that I got blinded. No. But this is my honest opinion. If you don't agree, get lost. You don't wanna argue with me on this. Trust me. 

#np Lullabies

It has always been my dream to meet her and see her perform live. And that dream has finally came true when someone gave me a ticket To Urbanscapes 2012 and told me to meet the person I admire the most in action. I know I couldn't hide my excitement when that person gave me the ticket. =.=' It felt surreal. My ultimate purpose of going to Urbanscapes was to meet her. And only her. Though there were quite a number of other well known acts such as the Bittersweet, Love Me Butch, etc. But that, I don't really mind. I just wanna meet Yuna. And so I did. 

#np Sparkle

She was last to perform on the 24th. Last performance of the day. The best performance among all. Again, you don't wanna argue with me on this. Trust me. She wore a combination of red-yellow-orange-brown aztec printed leggings, a long black transparent (but of course she wore an inner inside) superman blouse *I don't know what it's called*  a green turban and and an ouh-so amazing vintage necklace. With a light touch of make up just to highlight her features. She's a star. Enough said. I was right infront of the stage. Right before her. And the crowd went wild when she stepped on the stage.Yes, including me. I shouted YUNA I LOVE YOU a zillion times. And I think I annoyed the tall guy standing slightly infront of me. Whatever. You want silence? Go to the library. It's Yuna! I ought to shout! haha. :)

#np Penakut
She started off by singing Gadis Semasa. My God! She has the voice of an angel! Not that I have heard an angel's voice, but I think that's exactly how it would sound. She sings live even better than her recordings or in Youtube. I AM NOT KIDDING YOU THIS IS SERIOUS AND AGAIN IT'S NOT BECAUSE I'M A FAN OF HERS. Her voice is one in a million. And while she was singing, she was doing this lovely hand gestures following the rhythm of the song. It's as though she's dancing, but not really. But whatever she's doing on the stage, I'm buying it. I fell in love with her over and over again. She has this unique and appealing swag about her that you cannot not to adore her. 

#np See You Go

I was hoping that she's gonna sing this song yesterday. But she didn't. She sang Coffee, Cinta Sempurna, Come As You Are, Fears and Frustrations, Favourite Thing, Lullabies, Sparkle, Decorate, and Penakut just to name a few. I love all her songs. I did singalong with her. But most of the time I was listening to her in awe while recording some of her singing. And kept on saying SEDAP GILA SUARA DIA! Some people say that she sings and sounds differently  in recordings and better than live. Those are all bullshit. She sang even better live!  No kidding! 

So overall, I really enjoyed her performance yesterday. And I look forward to her other performances, I'll definitely go. :) I managed to record some of her songs yesterday. But her photos are quite blurry. So I'm not gonna post it up here. The recordings maybe, but some other time because UM internet is not that supportive. ^^

#np Coffee

P/s: I love Yuna

Sunday, 18 November 2012


It feels like yesterday I was still sucking on my pacifier. Still wet on my bed. Jumps on the bed every time before I doze off to Lala land. Throws tantrums if I don't get candies or lollipops. Hides under the bed after breaking a vase. Spills rice all over the table. Wears a shirt without having to wear anything else inside. Puts on my mother's stilettos and trips over and over again, pretending like an adult but in reality was only a toddler. Annoys my sister till she turns red. Whose mind was only fixed to play, eat sweets, and watch cartoons. As carefree as a bird with no mind-boggling issues that needed to be settled. Spoiled. Naive. A child. 

Childhood memories have always been my very own priceless  treasure. Locked and kept neatly at the back of my mind and never be forgotten. Sometimes I doubt myself that I have ever grown up. Physically, yes. But internally? That's quite hard to answer. Up to this every moment, I still sleep with my mom. Still cuddle my own version of 'teddy' to bed. My mom and sister still suap me everytime I don't feel like eating by myself. My eldest brother still tickles and geletek and kejar kejar me. My mom still combs my hair for me. Not that I can't do it on my own. But I have gotten use to it. Being the youngest in the family has in a way builds my manja, gedik, mengada and childish character.

Despite all of the above, I can't deny the fact that I have indeed mature, if not a lot, at least a little. In terms of responsibility. Relationships. Thinking.Though I'm not fully mature in a sense that I still have my childish moments, that the people who deal with me still think that they are dealing with a 5 year old. Repeatedly, I've been told to grow up. That my physical growth is not proportionate to my maturity. I don't deny that. Sometimes, I always think that I have indeed matured and all the things that I do are in fact, correct. But the truth is, I'm not. Well, not fully I suppose. Ouh well, growing is not a one day process. We grow by time, and experience. And that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Not by others commands. But by own self, only time can tell.

So, 16th November 2012 marks the end of my childhood and adolescence years. It also marks a  new point of life. The -ty phase. Though I do not know what the future holds for me, be it nice, be it cruel, I hope I can stand strong and face it like a true lady. :)

To everyone who gave me all the lovely wishes, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. May all the good things you prayed for me, would happen to all of you sweet people too. Quoting from my FB status, I would like to wish all the happiness in life to each and everyone of you. And may all of us be showered with His blessings, long life, health and wealth. Ameen. :) And lastly, just bear this in mind (more like convincing myself) : "You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old. " ;P,

So, here's a few photos captured by my beautiful sister in law on my birthday celebration. :D